why open floor plans work well for custom luxury homes

Why Open Floor Plans Work Well For Custom Luxury Homes

If you are building your custom designed luxury home, it’s likely you must have researched different architectural and interior design styles and floor plans. The design you finally choose should match your lifestyle and personal preferences. When it comes to deciding how your home should look and feel, an open floor plan lends an expansive and open look to your home.

It brings in more natural light and gives a very airy feel to all the spaces in your house. These floor plans are being increasingly used in custom luxury home design and provide a smooth transition from the indoor spaces to the outdoor living areas on your property. While there are a number of house styling trends that come and then fade into the background, the open floor plan trend has proved to be more steady and has survived over the years.

What is an open floor plan?

This type of plan has very few or no dividing walls between different spaces. Typically, this refers to all the common living spaces of your home such as the living room, kitchen and dining room. It creates a very flowing & open layout and a more sociable and communal living space is favoured over traditional individual rooms. Of course, the bedroom and bathrooms can be open plan too, but these tend to follow a more closed styling. So why do open floor plans work well for custom luxury homes? Well take a look:

The advantages

#1 Connection to the alfresco areas

As mentioned earlier, when you have luxurious indoor and outdoor spaces, eliminating the dividing walls between the two is the one way to take that spaciousness and luxury quotient one step further. This expansive, connected space eliminates visual barriers. You also have the option to use dividers made of large sheet glass or large French/Sliding doors in spaces where you do want to have some division; but without impacting the flow of the open spaces. This kind of a plan encourages you to use the outdoor living spaces more than you normally would.

#2 Natural light

When you eliminate the excessive internal walls to create open floor plan, the glass windows and doors automatically bring in more natural light into your home. In the summer months, this can help cool down the indoor temperatures naturally. An open floor plan also affords a better view of your well-planned landscaping or the view outdoors.

#3 Entertainment

Not only does an open floor layout make entertaining guests easier, but more enjoyable too. You will find that your guests are able to mingle more freely. The flow between the spaces ensures you don’t miss a beat even if you are in the alfresco spaces, getting a BBQ going for the party. Voices carry much more easily from the indoor areas to the alfresco spaces and this gives you the opportunity to socialise more freely.

#4 The safety aspect

If you have kids or plan to extend your family in the future, an open floor plan becomes the best way to keep an eye on them. Regardless of which room you are in, you would be able to supervise your kids when they are playing in any of the adjoining spaces.

We offer all these stunning features and open floor plan concepts to our customers and work very closely with you create open, expansive and luxurious homes that will be sustainable and a reflection of your preferences and good taste.

For any more information about building a custom-designed luxury home, call us today at +61 0414 998 727. We ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained in the work and that you get a custom built luxury home you would love to live in.

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