When you think about concrete floors, some of the first words that come to mind are “industrial”, “dull”, “boring” or “cold,”. But concrete has long shed that cloak and can no longer be described using all those adjectives. Today, you will find beautifully finished, polished and textured concrete flooring in luxury homes across the country, and with good reason.

Not only can it be polished to a sheen, but can also be tinted, stained, stamped and textured. Concrete flooring can take on a classic rustic appeal or a modernistic look depending on the colours and finishes used.

Concrete flooring – the benefits

These surfaces can look as warm, elegant and beautiful as many other luxury flooring products available on the market today. Let’s take a look at what makes this material the perfect choice for your new luxury interiors project:

#1 Highly sustainable

Concrete flooring is a sustainable option if you utilise the existing concrete slabs in your home, negating the need for new materials. The floors can be sanded down expertly and then polished and sealed, lending them a stunningly refined appearance. They are perfect for areas like living rooms and kitchens and lend a unique look once you add some tastefully chosen rugs, fixtures, and furnishings to the space.

#2 Ease of maintenance

A weekly mopping with mildly soapy water is all that’s needed to keep these floors in great shape. The recommendation is that you install baseboards along with the concrete floor, even though you feel you might not need these. Dirty mops can leave behind ugly marks in the crevices where the wall meets the flooring if there were no baseboards installed. In addition to the protection it provides, the baseboard will also lend your beautiful concrete floor a very finished and elegant appearance.

#3 Durability

Expertly installed and polished, well-maintained concrete flooring can last for decades. All it may need is some polishing to keep it looking as good as new. The patina that concrete floors develop over time can become the highlight of a room if you choose to leave it undisturbed. This type of flooring can lend an old-world appeal to your home if it has been designed along that theme and style.

#4 Versatility

Concrete makes for great indoor flooring and can be used with equal effect in outdoor luxury spaces as well. However, the installation process is a little different from indoor concrete floors. In outdoor living spaces, specialized silicone-based penetrating sealants can be utilized to avoid a wet look. This makes it ideal for outdoor kitchens, patios, poolscapes and other exterior areas of your luxury home. If you have concrete in the interior spaces, you can create a seamless look on your property with the same material in the outdoor spaces as well.

This material is extremely versatile in that it complements the look of reclaimed wood, various species of hardwood, laminates, tiles, natural stone, metal and more. This means your concrete floor can become the perfect backdrop for any other features and installations in your home, regardless of the materials used. In fact, it also accentuates the appeal of the materials just mentioned.

#5 Design flexibility

You want your custom designed luxury home to reflect your good style and also want it to make a statement and that’s exactly what concrete flooring does. As mentioned earlier, it can be stained in the colours you like, stamped and textured with imprints that are both attractive and unique.

There are a varied number of ways in which you can use concrete flooring to create the effect you want in any space in your luxury home. For any more information about building and planning your luxury home, call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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