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Why a Wet Bar and a Wine Cellar is An Excellent Addition To Your Luxury Home

Custom luxury homes are in a class of their own and have a large number of luxury amenities and design elements. When it comes to luxury properties, it becomes possible to add just about any features to the original structure of the house. This is why when people purchase a luxury home; they add new installations they like.

The party, kitchen and dining areas of the home are the areas that generally undergo either complete or partial renovations. These upgrades are made for a number of reasons such as personal preference, convenience, to serve the needs of the property owners or to up the resale value of your property.

Wine cellars and wet bars become the perfect place to unwind at the end of a busy day or even to entertain guests. Whether you like socialising or are wine enthusiast, a wet bar or wine cellar will be an excellent addition to your luxury home. The latter are specialized installations and have to be planned with attention to detail. Specialist wine cellar installation companies can design wine cellar installations that fit seamlessly into the décor and floor plans of your home and add to its appeal and value as well.

Why get a wine cellar installed?

Statement pieces

Today, a luxury custom home’s wine cellar isn’t just some functional storage space for wine bottles; these features/rooms are built to become a statement piece and add to the luxury quotient of the property.

Enhance the aesthetics of your home

They are designed with care, unique materials are used for the racks and décor and they have well-planned lighting which creates a distinctive aesthetic in your home.


Depending on the space available, a wine cellar may also feature a wine tasting space that is outfitted with luxurious couches and flooring etc.; you can entertain guests there and arrange wine-tasting sessions in the perfect setting.


The other aspect of having a wine cellar on your property is the convenience it provides. You are able to stock a larger number of wines for a longer period of time. It becomes easier and more convenient to simply walk into the cellar and pick a bottle for a relaxed evening or when you invite friends to your home for an impromptu dinner.

Ideal wine storage conditions

Without a good wine cellar, you’d be compelled to store your wines in a wine cooler; not only will this provide limited space, but won’t have the kind of temperature control and other features that an elaborate wine cellar will have, which can lead to spoilage of your expensive wines. A custom designed wine cellar will have the latest temperature-control equipment, the right kind of luxury lighting and racking systems, perfect humidity levels and will be vibration-free.

Wet bars

Custom luxury homes with wet bar features are also highly sought after. A superbly-designed bar can transform even an ordinary space into an extremely stylish and luxurious entertaining area that complements your personal tastes and lifestyle and your home’s design.

A contemporary home bar is a popular style found across many of Sydney’s finest luxury properties. Common features of wet bars include contemporary-style cabinets, sleek granite countertops, stainless steel and glass fixtures, minimalist detailing and modern bar stools. Floating shelves, glass units and under-cabinet floor lighting, track lighting for ceilings and glass units are often included to provide the perfect background for an impressive liquor collection or even for displaying barware and other striking accents.

For any more information wine cellar or wet bar installations for custom luxury homes; or for discussing your project details for designing and building a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today.

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