Luxury Quotient to a Home

What Adds the Luxury Quotient to a Home

Luxurious living spaces don’t happen by accident- the homeowners, architects and builders involved in the project make every effort to ensure that the space is rendered in a special way and that the residence has all the elements that will classify it as being a luxurious home. It’s always a combination of various factors that go into making a home upscale and special. Let’s take a look at what these are.


Even before you build a luxury home, the one factor that you have to take into consideration is its location. Luxuriant living is a lot about privacy and the location of the home matters a great deal. Building a luxury home in a middle class neighbourhood will take away from its charm and it will also mean that your well-appointed home is over-priced for that neighbourhood. As a wealthy buyer, the first aspect you should be taking into consideration is location. Identify a place that is exclusive in setting and one that will give you the privacy you need.


In addition to being well-appointed, a luxury home also has amenities that make the owner feel spoiled or lavished upon. At times this also means that a space will be extravagant and opulent and there will be conveniences including saunas and pools, game rooms and a backyard tennis court; maybe a large home gym and acoustically-treated home theatre etc. But going beyond these very obvious aspects, today’s jet-setting crowd who looks for luxurious houses also looks for some more aspects while buying their dream homes:

Open Floor Plans

A luxurious home will always have a grand entranceway, a stunning staircase and an open floor plan. In fact, surveys that were conducted in 2014 indicate that an open floor plan becomes the first criteria that luxury homebuyers take into consideration.


Today, technology is something that every luxury homebuyer wants in his/her home and builders are catering to this trend. Smart homes are becoming a norm and people want the convenience of being able to control and operate gadgets in their home with the touch of a button on their iPhones. There are apps which will control lights, drapes, air-conditioning, security systems, music systems etc from across the country and these are the type of features that luxury home buyers look for.

Eco-Friendly Homes

Interestingly, people who look for a luxury home or build them are now making every effort to go “green”. They are opting for alternative energy options such as solar power, using eco-friendly insulation, designing their homes with energy-efficiency in mind, using reclaimed wood to adorn the interiors and landscaping options such as Xeriscaping.

Elaborately-Stocked Kitchens

Just having the latest kitchen appliances and fittings is not enough. Opulent living calls for a magnificent kitchen and today’s million dollar homes in Australia boast of commercial grade kitchens with wine fridges, warming drawers, restaurant-quality appliances, walk-in pantries -the works

Outdoor Kitchens & Pools

For someone who is looking to have a luxurious home, having a fully-stocked kitchen is just the beginning. Elaborately designed outdoor kitchen areas with all the top amenities and stunning natural stone patio areas that lead to expansive poolscapes with spas and pool houses are becoming the trend in luxury homes. Houses that have an alfresco flair are the ones that rank the highest when it comes to living a luxury lifestyle

Theatre & Game Rooms

It goes without saying that an upscale home will have a game room, but now this entertainment trend in homes is being taken a notch higher and luxury homes have indoor pools, sports bar installations with massive feature TV’s and liquor storage. Many luxury homes also have indoor basketball courts and unique theatre and gaming facilities.

In addition to all these aspects, expansive spa-like bathrooms with immense walk-in showers that have radiant-heat flooring and head-to-toe shower jets, a massive soaker tub and towel warmers etc are what luxury living are all about. Superlative storage spaces, remote controlled windows, automated lighting in bedrooms and every other comfort is another relevant aspect. It goes without saying that your perception of opulence will differ from what someone else believes is luxurious, but luxury is also a lot about good taste and style!

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