wallpapering your luxury home

Is Wallpapering an Option For Your Luxury Home

Prospective luxury homeowners are extremely discerning and when it comes to getting different features, installations and finishes, they know exactly how they want these to be. Most of these property owners are very well travelled and have been exposed to various interior design trends and they like to plan their homes on certain global design themes and trends.

Custom luxury home builders know that their clients will settle for nothing but the best, most unique elements, products, fixtures and materials. When it comes to interior design in any home, the walls have a very important role to play. Since the walls are the backdrop of the other installations and features in any room, it becomes important to choose these finishes with care.

Customisation is Key

Homeowners are now looking beyond wall paint and textured walls and are considering wallpapering these surfaces. While they may not really choose to get all the walls in a room wallpapered, these could be used to accentuate a room. Luxury homeowners are also becoming very experimental and creative with getting their homes designed.

They hire professionals that would be able to work closely with them and provide customised solutions and services. This is where custom home builders and designers are rising to the occasion and providing a range of wallpapering options to their clients.

Types of Wallpapers

If you are interested in the latest interior design trends, you will find that there is a vast variety of wallpapers on the market. This is a distinct benefit as it gives you the chance to pick and choose something that perfectly matches your requirements. Contradictorily it makes the task of choosing more challenging too. While there are basic lining-styled wallpapers that help cover imperfections on wall surfaces, the piece de resistance are always the hand-printed variants.

These add a luxurious look to any space and have a classic look. While there are a number of Australian luxury wallpaper brands, there are a number of varieties that are imported from different countries as well. So you can find something simplistic and elegant or elaborate and eye-catching too.

Wallpapers don’t fare well in outdoor spaces; however, if you have any semi-enclosed or partly-shaded alfresco areas, you can consider installing wallpaper on the walls. For instance, if you have designed these areas in a tropical or Zen theme, you can use wallpapers made of natural materials such as grass, bamboo or silk. Not only do these finishes add a very charming look to the space, but complement the feel and look of your outdoor living spaces as well.

Aspects to Keep in View

While wallpapered walls do look stunning, it’s important to judge how much to use and where to use it. The things to focus on are:

  • It’s never a good idea to cover all the walls of a room with wallpaper.
  • As mentioned earlier, use it only to accentuate a certain wall, niche, alcove etc.
  • Ensure that you don’t place excessively decorative décor pieces in that space, as that would take away from the beauty of the piece itself, as well as the wallpaper.
  • If you have very pale, pastel wall paint in a particular room, you can get a little creative and use bold prints such as medallions, deconstructed paisley prints or even tie-dyed design concept wallpapers or ones with animal prints too.

Regardless of the type of wallpaper you decide to use, the thing to keep in view is that you should use this feature judiciously and make sure that the overall look of the space is cohesive and balanced. For any more information about building and designing a luxury home, call us today.

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