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How to Use Wall Colour Accents To Create Unique Luxury Indoor Spaces

A luxury home is called that not only because it is situated in up market neighbourhood or because it has impressive grounds and luxurious features and fittings. A luxury home is also one that’s been put together carefully; has the right ambience, proportionately-built and well-balanced, stylish features.

In addition, the home needs to have the right ambience and feel; and that can happen only when all of this is held together tastefully and elegantly with the right mix of wall colours and finishes. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be unsure about which colour themes to use in the different rooms in their custom luxury home.

Choosing your favourite colour  isn’t a challenge but picking an ideal two-tone colour scheme for your luxury home can be! Pairing the right accent colours with the different primary and secondary colours involves a certain amount of planning and creativity. Here are a few suggested combinations for different effects and moods.

Understanding the colour wheel

  • Primary colours – Yellow, blue & red
  • Secondary colours – Purple, green, orange and purple
  • Analogous – These colours are adjacent to each other on the colour spectrum, such as red and purple or green and yellow
  • Complementary – The colours that are opposite to each other on the colour spectrum, such as yellow and purple or green and red

Some wall colour accents that make a statement

#1 Blue accents on yellow walls

Yellow is a naturally warm colour and is considered to be the brightest and lightest of hues. A cool blue accent is one of the most classic pairings for a yellow wall. You can pick subtle pastel shades or complement your saturated lemon yellow coloured wall with deep navy blue; this can balance out the place perfectly without making it seem too bright or loud.

If you are looking to create an edgier look in the room, you should focus on using colours that are on opposite sides of the standard colour wheel. For example you can accentuate a yellow with purple to create a dramatic look in that space.

#2 Red accents on white walls

Red has a very robust and individualistic appearance. It’s intense and symbolises feelings ranging from fire and love to appetite and romance. This also makes it very challenging to pair it with an accent. This is why many designers pair red accents with white walls. Even if you apply red to only a single wall in the room, it feels like it’s the dominant colour in that space. If you prefer red but want something less dramatic, you should consider getting a red accent in a blue room. You can add a pop of yellow or white to create some dimension in the space.

#3 Green accents on orange walls

Orange is essentially a combination of red and yellow, and is quite a controversial colour. It blends of the heat of red and the brightness of yellow for a look that just cat be ignored. If you like, you can tone down the orange a notch by using a leafy green in that room. This will balance out the fieriness and robustness of the red and lend the room a calmer and cooler look.

These are just a few of the colours that you can use for your accent walls. Some designers create stunning effects by using accents of the same colour as all the walls; however, the accent wall will be a few shades darker than the rest of the room. For any more information about planning your luxury room layout or for discussing your project details for designing and building a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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