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Upholstery Fabrics That Can Transform the Appearance of Your Luxury Home

While good furniture is crucial to a home’s design, choosing the right upholstery for your furniture is a key contributor to the overall appearance of the space. Style and colour is important, but there are a few other essentials that have to be taken into consideration before you decide which upholstery fabric to buy, such as its resistance to stains, its strength and durability as well as the maintenance needed.

Here is all the information you need to know about some of the most popular upholstery fabrics to transform your luxury home and help you make a better informed decision about which one to choose for the sofas, curtains, cushion covers etc. in your home.

#1 Cotton

Cotton is a luxurious material and many furnishing fabrics are made from it or a blend of it. It’s porous in nature and its breathability aspect allows it to stay cool during the warmer months of the year.


Good quality cotton is hardy and resistant to wear & tear, it’s easy to maintain and is available in a variety of thicknesses, colours, textures, patterns and designs.


Its stains and creases easily; so cotton upholstery needs to be installed tightly on chairs and sofas. You can always opt for blends in which cotton and linen or polyester are mixed to create crease-resistant and fade-resistant material.

Tip- If you are planning on using cotton upholstery in the alfresco areas of your home, you should opt for twill or canvas which are tougher cotton weaves and are more stain-resistant and weather-resistant than standard cotton.

#2 Linen

This is a very charming material that has an earthy and rustic yet elegant look and instantly uplifts the overall appearance of the furniture piece.


High-quality linen has mildew-resistant, anti-microbial, and dust-resistant properties.


It’s prone to staining and isn’t suitable for open spaces as its fibres become weakened when exposed to the sun’s rays constantly. If you are planning on using linen for any upholstery, it’s important to choose pre-washed fabric as it shrinks excessively when washed in hot water.

#3 Viscose

This unique material has a very silken look. It is also available in cotton viscose blends that can be used in indoor and outdoor applications.


This material has some elasticity in it which makes it suitable for furniture pieces that see a significant amount of use. Like cotton, its porosity makes it a great material for the typically hot weather that Sydney experiences.


By itself, this material wrinkles easily and as mentioned earlier, it’s best to use viscose blends for your furniture.

#4 Raw silk

This luxurious material is perfect for your luxury home. It’s distinctive, thick and suitable for cushions and love seat furnishing.


It’s stunning and elegant and complements the look of casual as well as formal-styled décor. The colours wont bleed an you can choose from rustic or more modern looking textures and blends to create the ambience you want in your home.


It is a delicate, low elasticity material that may not be suitable for spaces that see too much traffic and use; it doesn’t perform well in harsh sunlight which makes it unsuitable for outdoor use unless you are using it in semi-enclosed alfresco areas.

In addition to all these materials, you can also use leather, velvet and pure silk. These materials should be used sparingly and look great on accent furniture, Complement the look of your furniture fabrics with materials you use for f your drapes, curtains, bed covers and other upholstery. This will lend a cohesive look to all the indoor and outdoor areas of your home.

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