use glass in your luxury home

Unique Ways To Use Glass In Your Luxury Home

Advances in glass manufacturing technology and improvements in construction techniques means glass roofing, extensions as well as sun piping can bring in plenty of natural light into the indoor spaces, making them look expansive and bright. Aside from this, the glass expanses also give you uninterrupted views of your landscaping.

It is proven fact that natural light is one of the most important attributes of good home design and through the times, architects have experimented with different ways to use elements and installations that bring in more light into the buildings they are designing. Today, we discuss unique ways of bringing in more natural light into your home, with modern glass installations:

Glass roof and wall extensions

While your luxury home may have a lot of well-designed indoor areas, adding a glass extension can transform your home in the most effective and dramatic way. Today, the advances in glazing technology have made it possible to produce large, strong and eco-friendly panes. This makes it possible to design and install whole ceiling sections with glass panels. And so, you can:

  • Add a conservatory
  • Connect two different sections of your home with a glass extension
  • Install a glass lean-to extension
  • Build a sun room
  • Extend your kitchen spaces without losing any of your garden areas
  • Add glass extensions to patios to extend existing alfresco spaces
  • Luxury sliding roofs can be added to decks and balconies to make them more usable when the weather isn’t great
  • Loft conversions with large glass panels can turn a less-used space into a luxury entertainment zone with a fantastic view of the landscape

Some important considerations

When you consider all these options, there are certain things you need to keep in view while getting any glass extensions for your home, such as:

  • Glass is a breakable material; even when you use toughened and laminated glass, it isn’t entirely safe from trees branches etc.,
  • The seals have to be good and you should consider getting UV reflective screen installed on the glass as well.
  • Keep in view that expansive walls or ceilings and roofing made of glass compromise the energy-efficiency of your home. This is why you should speak with your builder or architect and tell them you to provide energy-efficient solutions.
  • You would have to factor in regular glass cleaning and maintenance as these surfaces can easily get dirty and smudgy with bird dropping, dust, pollution and leaves etc. Even self-cleaning glass isn’t entirely free of these problems.
  • South-facing glass roofs tend to get too hot in the direct sunlight; in these areas, you would have to budget for blinds.

Piping in light without adding any new windows

Regardless of how well-planned your home is, there will be at least one darker corridor or windowless area in your house that can benefit from some natural light. Today, many companies manufacture sun pipes or solar tubes that are the perfect solution for these spaces. The roof is fitted with a reflector dome which channels the sunlight down the mirrored tubing of this installation, into the diffuser fixture in the room or area below.

On a sunny day, a single sun pipe can easily produce light equivalent to a 400W bulb, which is more than enough for a dark corridor or ensuite area. Most of these installations don’t require any power and can be installed in various parts of your home.

Solar pipes reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, saving you a significant amount of energy. They are a very common feature in eco-friendly, luxury home construction. For any information about building a luxury home call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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