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Separate Bathroom Wet Shower Areas With These Unique Partition Ideas

Demarcating shower spaces helps prevent the other areas of the bathrooms from becoming wet and accident prone; the right types of partitions also enhance the appearance of the bathroom. Today, there is such a wide range of materials available that with a little bit of creativity you can easily create stunning, functional bathroom partitions. Here are some ideas that will inspire you:

#1 Framed glass partitions

The walk-in shower in your luxury bathroom can be outfitted with black, powder-coated aluminium doors with brass fixtures. The black framing of these doors creates drama in shower spaces that have been designed in subtle colours or have a minimalist design. For instance, if you have white Italian marble installed on your bathroom floor, framed partitions would enhance the appeal and simple elegance of the flooring.

#2 Frameless glass partitions

Install a custom-designed frameless (translucent) glass screen without any visual interruption to segregate the shower space. This will add to the expansiveness and brightness of the bathroom; these frameless glass partitions work very well in bathrooms that have very little natural light filtering in. You can experiment with the type of glass you want installed in the partition; and choose from etched, stained, frosted or even bevelled glass features.

#3 Half partitions

Half glass partitions create the ideal walk-in shower; these are essentially half enclosed shower spaces without any hinged or sliding doors and you can simply walk in the shower. Glass screens work very well in this design without taking away from the aesthetics of the bathroom.

#4 Natural stone dividers

Natural stone is a very functional material that also lends a unique look to your bathroom. You can get concrete walls of the dimensions you want and clad them with natural stone veneers made of stones like slate, bluestone, flagstone, travertine, marble, granite etc. These surfaces can simply be left to dry post a shower and are easy to maintain, unlike glass partitions that need regular cleaning.

The type of stone, its colour, texture, and finish will be dependent on the look you want to create in that space. For instance, if you want a more formal look, machine-cut veneer or stone blocks can be used; but to achieve a more rustic ambience, you can use rough-cut stone with rough textures.

#5 Combination walls

This is a unique way to create demarcated spaces in your bathroom; a skilled designer can create beautiful combination partitions using stone and concrete. Part of the wall can be built using natural stone, while glass can be used to balance out the solidity of stone. This type of partition can easily be turned into a work of art by using different types of finishes on the glass surface.

#6 Eco-friendly bathroom dividers

Many homeowners like natural finishes and prefer using materials that are more environment-friendly, in their custom designed homes. If this is the type of concept you are looking for, you should consider using bamboo as a bathroom partition material. It is eco-friendly, water-resistant and can be polished in the colour of your choice. Bamboo will also add a very stunning textural element to the bathroom space and it ensures privacy.

#7 Free-standing screens

If you are looking for something exotic, you should consider getting a free-standing onyx partition installed. This would have to be sandwiched between two glass panels and supported along its bottom edge in a slot in the flooring. You can also incorporate shelves on either side of the screen where you can place your bathing essentials.

For any more information about planning your luxury bathroom design or for discussing your project details for designing and building a luxury home, call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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