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Types of Outdoor Screens To Enhance The Privacy and Aesthetics of Your Home

If you own a luxury property in a busy neighbourhood, chances are that some segment of your outdoor spaces are very close to either a neighbour’s property or a road. When deciding how to create more privacy in the outdoor area of your custom luxury home, consider how you can use free-standing walls, living walls, awnings, plants, hedges and pergolas to muffle the noise and screen views. Not only does this provide you the privacy you need, but will do the same for your neighbours as well. Here are the different types of outdoor screens you can install:

#1 Translucent panels

If there is another home or building in close proximity of your yard and you want some privacy on your property, you should consider installing translucent, frosted glass panels. This will give you the privacy you need without blocking the light in the outdoor living space.

#2 Free-standing walls and living walls

You can install wood and steel combination walls at strategic points in your landscape. That will give you the feeling of privacy without completely closing-off the space. You can install free-standing walls of different heights and size them depending on what you’d like to screen.

#3 Hedges

This is one of the best ways to screen your property even while adding greenery to your landscape. When choosing plants for hedges, you need to consider whether you want partial privacy or total privacy. In the case of the former, you can opt for a hedge that is airier and lighter; if you prefer more privacy, simply get a more solid hedge installed.

For better sound suppression and privacy, choose evergreens that have dense foliage. Hire expert landscapers who have some knowledge of the growth patterns of different plants; they will ensure that the hedges are planted at the proper distance from each other. If you prefer lighter screens that allow a certain amount of natural light to filter through, you should plant evergreens.

#4 Pleached trees

These are also hedges, but look more like they are on stilts. You can train very young trees that have pliable and fresh branches into almost planar screens by interweaving and bending the branches.

#5 Slatted screening

Many people install pergolas on their patios or decks and trail creeping plants all over them to create the privacy they want in their alfresco areas. But if you want something more modernistic on the same lines, you can use powder-coated steel tubing mounted on tall posts along the periphery of the deck, patio or lounge. This becomes a unique slatted privacy covering.

#6 Wooden lattice

Criss-cross wooden lattices may be conventional, but they look quaint and you can trail plants over them to fill in the gaps in the lattice to create a private space in your yard. This screen will provide partial privacy. If you want complete privacy using a wooden feature, opt for a reclaimed wood structure of the height you want.

Aside from these you can also opt for panelled fencing or layered materials; you can use a combination of concrete, brick, metal, wood and stone to create a more solid privacy screen that will be very effective at absorbing sound waves from the surrounding areas. If you like you can create walls with waterfalls running down them and the sound of the water also provides a very serene effect to the space even as it dulls surrounding sounds.

For any more information on privacy screen concepts or for discussing your project details for designing and building a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today.

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