soothing bedroom spaces in your luxury home

How To Create Soothing Bedroom Spaces in Your Luxury Home

Your bedroom is your personal space, where you can relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. It goes without saying that your master bedroom should be nice and cosy and soothing too. Having bedroom spaces that will urge you to relax completely, is never a matter of chance.

A lot of planning and designing goes into it and it’s a good idea to work with skilled and experienced builders and designers to create the kind of bedroom space you want. Here are some ideas on how to create soothing bedroom spaces in your luxury home:

#1 Log Cabin Style

This style of bedroom has natural textures and hues with a lot of timber features, and maybe a ceiling with beams (if the height of the room permits it). You can get a custom-designed natural stone fireplace designed to complement the overall look and ambience of the space. Deep-sink rugs and muted lighting will complete the look and give you a peaceful and calm haven to relax and sleep in.

#2 Use The Right Colours

Colour has a very important role to play in creating the right mood in any room. Bedrooms should ideally have pastel shades on the walls and these should be complemented with similar-coloured furnishing and linen. If you prefer a more flamboyant look in your bedroom décor, you can consider adding colours such as rich purple and deep reds.

These evoke a very romantic feel; you can match these up with features made of wood species such as mahogany or teak to complete the opulent look. Pick colours you like and work on using shades from the same colour palette for various installations and fabrics you will be using in the space; this will complete the look of your colour-themed bedroom.

#3 Brick Art

If you have a very large master bedroom, you can safely use materials such as bricks that have a very natural appeal. However, it’s important not to overdo the look as too much of brick will only end up making the room look like the inside of a kiln . Use brick to create an accent wall or simply use custom brick flooring and abstain from using the material in any other space. The idea is to turn your bedroom into a cocoon of comfort without making it look to busy or overbearing.

#4 The Minimalistic Look

If you prefer a more minimalistic style in your master bedroom, consider getting whitewashed wood textures; these create a stunning impact, without looking too cold. Since white colour and shades of it tend to reflect light, it’s important to use furnishing and draperies of a neutral colour and use subdued yellow lighting. For a pop of colour, you can add vibrant wall art or designer area rugs.

#5 Zen Impact

The Zen design style is also very minimalistic. Though it is understated, using the right type of features can help create a very calming atmosphere in the room. If you have a balcony that leads out from your bedroom, you can consider carrying the design concept through to that space as well. Get a custom waterfall or rockery built and the gently cascading water will add to the serenity of the room. The Zen concept leans very heavily on having open and uncluttered spaces that help you calm your mind and feel relaxed.

When you decide on a design theme and ensure that all the features in your bedroom are planned to perfection and installed by experts, you will find that you have a master bedroom you will love to relax in every single day. For any information about building a luxury home call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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