luxe bathrooms in your home

Tips To Create Luxe Bathrooms In Your Home

As the owner of a custom luxury home, you take a lot of effort to source unique products, materials and features and hire skilled professionals for designing the indoor and outdoor spaces of your property.

While all the living and bedroom areas are designed with care and attention to detail, it’s crucial that the luxury aspect be carried through to the bathroom areas as well. While a skilled and experienced designer would be able to provide some ideas and plans for your luxury bathrooms, there are some inputs you can give to ensure these spaces are as luxurious, swanky and stylish as the rest of your home.

Luxury bathrooms that have a personal touch

You can easily create your own personal styles and rev up the look of your bathrooms to turn them into luxury zones that you will look forward to using every single day. Here are some tips to create luxe bathrooms in your home:

#1 Stylish cladding

One of the best ways to amp up your bathroom décor is to add some stylish cladding. Depending on the colour theme in the connecting bedroom, you can use colours like powder blue, light brown, creams and beiges as well as grey and black. Including textured features and finishes is a great way to add a unique touch to your bathrooms.

Use materials such as Italian marble, natural stones or even Turkish marble or granite that can create a very exotic and stunning look in your bathroom. You also have the option to use hardwood tiles and cork in the dry areas of your bathroom to add some contrast to the natural stone and dark-coloured granite.

#2 The right colour themes

The colour palette you choose should vibe with the ambience you want to create in your bathroom. Most luxurious bathrooms lean on black, white and grey colour palettes as this lends a very rich, glamorous, chic and elegant look to the space. For a classic touch, colours like royal blue and pearl white can create the soft look you want in the bathroom spaces.

It’s best to use lighter colours on the walls, especially if you have opted for darker-coloured countertops. However, you can also include a showstopper jewel tone in just one area or on one wall of the bathroom. If you have very well-demarcated wet and dry areas in your bathroom, you should consider using moisture-resistant metallic patterned wallpapers above the 4 feet level. This gives you the option to easily alter the look and ambience of the bathroom every few years.

#3 Become fixated on the fixtures

Make sure the fixtures you choose complement your bathroom’s colour theme. From the faucets and showerheads to overhead rain panels and bidets, install them all. If you prefer the old-world luxury feel, opt for features with gold and ivory finishes and sinks that have gold trim. For an even more lavish look, install a stand-alone bathtub or even a spa feature in the bathroom (if you have the room for it).

While brass fittings are a little high maintenance, they add a charming vintage look to the bathroom. Ensure that all the accessories, such as bathroom hooks, towel rods and shaving mirrors match the overall tone of the bathroom fixtures; these minor details go a long way in enhancing the appeal of the broader décor.

Make sure there is plenty of natural light and proper ventilation. Add some under-counter LED strip lighting and recessed and track lighting as well as some pot lights near and around the mirrors. For any more information about bathroom designs, lighting techniques, building and designing a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today.

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