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Tips To Create Chic Interior Spaces in Your Home

The market is awash with various materials, finishes, textures, fabrics, décor and furniture pieces, made both within the country as well as imported from abroad. This means there is no dearth of choice for luxury property owners when they want to decorate their new home or upgrade the elements in their existing one.

Understated luxury for chic interiors

While it can be extremely tempting to purchase various exotic décor and furniture pieces or even use opulent and elaborate fittings and fixtures in various rooms of your custom designed luxury home, it’s always a good idea to work on the design and interior decoration in a more restrained manner.

Designing aesthetic, modern and chic indoor spaces is a lot about refraining from excesses and ensuring that every feature you add to the interiors of your home has a purpose. If you add a number of different pieces and effects to any space that will only make it look more cluttered and busy.

Maintain simplicity in design

It’s not difficult to maintain simplicity and a sleek look in your home and make it look chic and elegant rather than crowded and heavy. Creating a stunning ambience is never a matter of chance and it takes a certain amount of planning to achieve the perfect balance of functionality, style, comfort and aesthetics. Here are a few tips that will set you on the path to creating chic interiors:

#1 Use a simple colour palette

The objective is to reduce visual clutter in your home spaces and create a clean and modern aesthetic. You can do this by starting with using a simple colour palette. One classic combination you can never go wrong with is to use a black, wood, grey and white palette. You can use a ultra-white paint for the walls and complement that with either grey/light wooden floors.

You can also use materials such as travertine, slate as well as finished concrete. Black should be used as the accent colour for different types of detailing such as window mullions, hardware for doors, picture frames, light fixtures, furniture and any other detailing. Grey is another colour that fits right into this colour palette. It has a stunning impact when you use it in upholstery for furniture pieces.

When you are using wood, use timber of various species, but ensure it’s from the same colour family. For example, when you are using a black & grey palette, light-coloured wood makes a great impact. You can use pine wood or white oak. These wooden elements add a very warm look and feel to the interior spaces. You can carry this same style concept and theme through to any alfresco areas that lead out into the landscaping from the indoor living spaces.

#2 When colour is your thing

If you prefer more vibrancy in your interiors, you can still create a very chic look by using pops of colour in different areas of each room and create a palette that matches that colour scheme. The one way to maximise the impact of these colourful elements is to use it sparingly. Stick to one or two bold colour splashes in each room instead of infusing colour into every single element. Use bright-coloured throw rugs or artwork on your walls to create the effect you want.

#3 Other things you can do

Even as you follow the pointers we just mentioned above, there are a few other things you can do to create chic living spaces, such as:

  • Aim to maintain balance in the space; this means don’t use too many of any one kind of object.
  • Use art or framed photos to create a focal point in the room
  • Add plants to your rooms to liven up the indoor spaces
  • Add custom built-in millwork in your rooms. This will help reduce the bulk in the rooms and you will notice that the rooms look more airy and spacious.

For any information about building a luxury home call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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