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Tips to Create a Serene Zen Garden For Your Luxury Home

The outdoor spaces of your property become the backdrop of your home and these are one of the first things that anyone visiting your property sees. In addition, a luxury home without well-designed landscaping won’t have the same appeal that one with great garden spaces has. When you are getting your landscaping designed and planned, you need to make sure that the theme and concept of these outdoor areas ties-up well with the interiors of your home.

If you like simplistic design concepts and have interior features with very clean and crisp lines and elements, a Zen Garden will fit in very well with the overall ambience and look of your property. In fact, even if you have more elaborate features in your home, you can get a serene Zen garden installed in one area of the landscaping.

This can become a peaceful space you can retire to when you want to unwind and get rid of the stresses and strains of a busy day. But when people today think of a Zen garden, they don’t really want any motifs like Buddha stone heads or even any lanterns installed all over the place.

The symbolism & culture aspect of a Zen garden doesn’t always translate very well in modern spaces. But you can use this Japanese concept of finding beauty in things that are humble, incomplete, transient and imperfect, to create a Zen garden you would love to have on your property.

Some tips

Here are some tips to create a serene Zen garden for your luxury home:

#1 The gate to the garden

The entrance to your garden is the place to start and your Zen garden will need to have a defined point of entry and a gate has symbolic meaning and practical use. With reference to the latter, a gate will keep unwanted elements out; but symbolically speaking having a gate to your Zen garden indicates to visitors that they are entering a well-defined space and this is a place where they can leave their stresses at the door before entering.

#2 A fence along the periphery

Just as a room has walls, your outdoor spaces should also have some walls; these could either be made using living hedges or solid hardscape materials. Consider the material, styling and the run of your fence installation. Timber fencing, while requiring a certain amount of maintenance, feels far more solid and organic than most metal fences.

Installing a horizontal run will provide a soothing and warm feeling and it also keeps the eye moving around the space. On the other hand, if you have a vertical run, that will direct the viewer’s attention upward; and if your landscape has a tall tree or two with thick foliage, a vertical run will work perfectly well.

#3 The path

A pathway is an essential aspect of any garden, and is particularly important in your Zen garden. These paths allow for easy navigation through the garden space; but in a Zen garden they also indicate to the visitors that they are free to fully concentrate on the landscape’s essence and move around freely. You can add stone paved meandering paths or choose to get gravel ones installed.

Make sure that you plant shrubs and plants with firm foliage that can be trimmed into the desired shapes. Maintain rhythm and simple lines and don’t add any unnecessary embellishments. A Zen garden is meant to be simple and rhythmic in its design concept. You can also add boulders in an artistic formation and make sure the feature has a natural look. Create simple and unadorned seating and add thoughtful art or even a very basic water feature and the right kind of lighting.

For any more information on Zen garden design concepts or for discussing your project details for designing and building a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today.

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