right window treatments for your luxury home

Tips To Choose the Right Window Treatments for Your Luxury Home

Every room in your luxury home has been designed with care and attention to detail. You hire specialist builders, architects and designers to create spaces that will be a testament to your style and preferences. This means, you choose the floor plans with care and pick every material and fixture to complement the ambience and aesthetic of your home.

Creating luxury spaces is a lot about getting the right mix; it’s about achieving a cohesive look in the indoor and outdoor areas of a home and making them elegant, luxurious and unique all at one. When it comes to creating luxurious indoor spaces, window treatments have a very significant role to play in the overall design and look of a room.

They also become the features that frame the view of the landscaping, from the indoor areas in your house. Every room in your house has a different purpose and that means every space should also have specific window treatments. Homeowners often get baffled when it comes to choosing window treatments and find it difficult to choose between drapes, café curtains, shades, shutters and blinds.

Different window treatment materials

While there are a number of aspects to keep in view while choosing window treatments, the biggest priority should be deciding whether you want light or privacy, or both really. Here are some tips to choose the right window treatments for your luxury home:

#1 Semi-sheer window treatments

Common spaces such as livings rooms and family rooms generally don’t require much privacy. However, depending on the total number of windows in a room, you may always want these spaces to have ample natural light streaming in. This helps brighten the room and it’s also why most designers will choose stunning semi-sheer fabric window treatments for living room and family rooms. These fabrics offer the right balance of light and privacy (when they are lowered).

Tip: The thickness of the fabric chosen will be dependent on the amount of natural light you want in that room. Ultra-sheer fabric will let in more light than thick fabric will.

#2 Draperies

First floor bedrooms generally need more privacy than those on the second floor; however, you’d need natural light in both of them. Today, there are a number of contemporary fabrics that provide privacy while letting in a certain amount of light as well; you can install floor-to-ceiling draperies that allow you a view of the outdoor spaces in the daytime. It’s a good idea to get a second set of thicker draperies that you can draw when you need more privacy in your bedroom.

Tip: You can install the track or rod for the draperies either on the ceiling or the wall, based on what complements the look of the room best.

#3 Cellular shades

Most bathrooms, especially ones that are located on the first floor, require maximum privacy. Cellular shades are the ideal window treatment for bathroom spaces. You can get these top-down/bottom-up shades that allow you to walk around the bathroom without being seen; but they still let in plenty of light.

Tip: You can choose cellular shades that have a honeycomb design; these help keep the heat in and the cold out.

Aside from all these window treatments, you can also choose to get roller shades, shutters, and layered treatments for windows in your entertainment or theatre room; these improve the level of acoustics in these spaces.

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