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How To Choose the Best Colour Scheme For Your Luxury Home

Colour choice and preference is a very personal thing and when you are deciding what colour scheme to use in your custom luxury home, the task can become even more daunting. Here are some great tips that can act as a reference point when you what to create a colour palette that syncs perfectly with your personality, lifestyle and preferences.

The Colour Wheel – What Is It?

It’s important to have a basic understanding of the colour wheel when you are planning the look of your home. The three different types of base colours are:


Red, blue and yellow – These colours can’t be created and are called pure colours.


Orange, green and purple – These particular colours are formed when you combine equal parts of any 2 primary colours. For e.g.: equal parts yellow & blue make green. This is how we start with colour selection.


These colours are always a mixture and have varying proportions of primary and secondary colours to create a range of hues. This is what makes the primary & secondary colours less vivid. In most instances black and white are added to either soften or darken these hues.

How To Create Colour Schemes

You should make use of the colour wheel when you are creating colour schemes that best suit your personality and home. The 4 different possible colour schemes are:

#1 Monochromatic

In this scheme, different tones of the same colour are used to create the right effect. The colours are either darkened or lightened with the addition of black/white.

#2 Analogous

When creating this particular scheme, colours that appear adjacent to each other on the colour wheel are combined to create the desired hues. These colours form quite a soothing and colourful palette.

#3 Contrast

This is a very dramatic scheme in which contrasting colours are used to infuse more energy and vibrancy into your home’s palette; colours such as red-purple, yellow-orange and green-blue could be used to create a contrast scheme.

#4 Complementary

In this, two completely opposing colours such as orange & blue etc. could be used to create a very high energy, bold and dramatic colour scheme.

Creating the Right Impact

When it comes to creating the right impact in any room, there are a number of different considerations and aspects that have to be kept in view, such as:

  • It’s best not to choose your wall colour first as it isn’t difficult to create the wall paint hue you want. It’s a much better idea to start with the different harder items that will be installed in that room such as the furniture, fixed features, rugs and carpets etc. Once you have decided what colour your furnishings will be, you can then move onto the wall colour.
  • You can also decide to use a very neutral colour palette on the walls and have more colours in the furnishings.
  • Some people prefer to use subdued furnishing colours and more vibrant ones on the walls. This is entirely a matter of personal choice, the effect you want to create, your maintenance requirements and the amount of traffic a space is going to see etc.
  • Even when you are using different colour schemes in different rooms, try to maintain a certain flow and cohesiveness from one room to the next.
  • Take the type of lighting into consideration and understand how much of natural light enters a particular room through the windows and doors. This is an important aspect when you are choosing colours for any room.
  • Use pops of colours and accent pieces to add uniqueness to your colour scheme.

For any more information about building a luxury home call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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