Your Main Entrance Door Says a Lot about Your Custom Designed Home

When you are getting your custom luxury home designed, you should pay as much attention to the design of your main entrance door as you would to the rest of your home. Not only is it the entryway to your home, but it becomes the one feature that sets the tone for the rest of the décor inside.

Regardless of the front door styling you want, there are certain objectives that should be met such as security (actual & perceived), a warm & inviting appearance, protection from the weather and a reception point.

Things to focus on

In addition to these aspects, there are certain other things that would have to be evaluated and kept in view when designing the main entrance door to your luxury home; take a look at what these are:

#1 Material

Your front door is going to be exposed to the outdoor elements. Even of your home has a front porch or a covered entryway; the door will be exposed to the dust, heat, cold and the indirect UV rays of the sun too. This makes it important to choose a material that’s tough, resilient and weather-resistant.

#2 The styling

You can choose from a panelled exterior surface or a smooth one with some additional decorative details. Decide whether you want side panels or a window transform. Some homeowners like to have a simple solid door while others prefer to get windows set into the front door. There is never a set answer, and the kind of design you choose will be dependent on the architectural styling of your home and the design theme and concept used in the interior spaces.

#3 Colour

This is one more aspect that can make or break the styling of your front door and the exterior of your home. Decide whether you prefer a colour that subtly blends in with the exteriors of your home or a bolder colour that stands in contrast and becomes a statement piece in itself.

#4 Framing

There are a number of front door framing material options to choose from such as brick, stone, stucco or wood. You can also get your custom home builder to design something in which a combination of materials is used to set the right mood. The framing can be as simplistic or elaborate as you want it to be.

Don’t let the framing overwhelm the design of your door. However, keep in mind that when you frame your door, it’s akin to framing any piece of art and you need to ensure that it complements the design of the feature.

#5 Hardware

This is another aspect that should be looked at with attention to detail. Any embellishment you use should add to the overall appeal of the feature and not take away from it. In addition to givens like door levers, knobs or handles, you may want to consider adding a door knocker or a mail slot.

#6 Balance

Even as you focus on all the other aspects of door design, ensure that your builder/architect/designer creates balance around the front door. You can do this by adding some kind of outdoor setting, a statuary, urns, pots, plantings and columns etc.

The important thing is to create front door design that’s in sync with the appearance of the rest of your property. For any more information about building a custom-designed front entrance door, call us today. We ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained in the work and that you get a custom built luxury home you would love to live in.

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