the design process of building a custom-designed luxury home

Building a Custom Designed Luxury Home – The Design Process

When you plan to build a custom-designed luxury home, you want to ensure that every feature, element, fixture and material is chosen with care and that everything is made to your specific requirement. As the homeowner, you are sure to have a number of ideas and preferences and it’s why you look for a builder that will be able to sync with you, understand what you need and provide house plans and designs that match your tastes and preferences.

We are one of the leading custom luxury home builders in the region and have a team of highly skilled and creative designers that can provide custom solutions. They will incorporate your ideas and keep your vision in view while creating stunning designs and spaces that are low-maintenance, energy-efficient, comfortable and elegant all at once.

This kind of design is never a matter of chance and only knowledgeable and experienced builders will be able to provide creations that integrate all these aspects into their creations. Take a closer look at the design process we follow:

The timeframe required to complete the design process

The timeframe required from the initial briefing stage through to the design conceptualisation stage is dependent on various aspects such as the scope, complexity and scale of the project. To a certain degree, it also depends on how much time it will take you to make decisions on the designs you like and finalise. On an average, the entire process can take between 4 and 6 months and includes:

  • In this time span the home design and plans will be reviewed, discussed and fine-tuned till the point you are completely satisfied with the final outcome.
  • Our designers go the extra mile to ensure that all your specs are included in the final design.
  • Once you have approved the design, we will provide you with a detailed pricing proposal. This will be an all-inclusive quote so you don’t have to face any unpleasant surprises when you make the final payment.

Our design process in detail

#1 Design conceptualisation

This is a very important stage as it’s when we focus on understanding all your requirements and the kind of styling and architectural concepts you want in your home structure, and it includes:

  • The initial meeting
  • Detailed inspection of the site
  • A survey of the site and the surrounding elements
  • In the next meeting we discuss the design brief; in this stage our experts will develop the design concept and present the design for you to review.
  • Based on your suggestions, we will make the necessary amendments and then finalise the design

#2 Developing the design

This stage follows on the heels of the design conceptualisation phase; here we will:

  • Obtain all the site information
  • Develop and present the elevations and façade
  • In this stage we will finalise the floor plans, elevations and façade

#3 Design & documentation; the final stage

Once the floor plans are in place and you have approved the exterior design, we will conduct:

  • Interior design consultation
  • This phase also includes the developer approval or town planning approval plans
  • A detailed electrical consultation is another important part of this phase
  • Our designers will prepare the working drawings
  • The contract will be drawn and signed

#4 Estimates and permits

  • The excavation work will begin once you have given your approval. If there is any existing structure on the site that has to be demolished first, that will be part of this phase.
  • If necessary, a soil test will also be undertaken
  • The engineering aspects will be finalised
  • A warranty insurance will be completed
  • We will obtain all the service authority and building permit approvals
  • Our company will also prepare the construction documentation and then issue it

Comprehensive design process

As you can see, we provide end-to-end consultation, site assessment, planning, permit approval, excavation and demolition, council approvals and construction delivery.

For any more information about building a custom-designed luxury home, call us today. We ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained in the work and that you get a custom built luxury home you would love to live in.

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