Sustainable Solar Air-Conditioning Options

Sustainable Solar Air-Conditioning Options

The world is advancing at a very rapid pace and people across Australia and the world are using different technology to add convenience to their lives. Air conditioning is no longer considered to be a luxury- it’s become a basic need and almost residential and commercial properties are now air conditioned. Regardless of what kind of air conditioning you have, it becomes one of the most power-hungry installations on your property.

With this in view, it is also becoming increasingly difficult for property owners to keep a handle on their electricity bills. When the outdoor temperatures soar, air conditioning is used to cool interior spaces and in the winter months, these systems are used to keep the place warm. What this means is that your air conditioning installation works right round the year and accounts for a major chunk of your electricity bills.

About Solar Air Conditioning

Current day air conditioning systems use electricity for cooling and heating functions. On the other hand, solar air conditioning systems use the sun’s energy to provide some/ all of the energy needed to produce cooling. Therefore when you use solar air conditioners it goes a long way in reducing or eliminating the need for electricity for cooling.

In any typical house that uses air conditioners, the actual electricity needed for cooling could be as high as 30%-40% of the overall electricity consumption. When it comes to commercial complexes, the consumption is much higher. The total amount of savings that you get from solar air conditioning is based on the amount that you currently spend on traditional air conditioning.

The Environment Factor

Apart from this, there is also the aspect of power consumption and the effect it has on the environment. Traditional power sources are not renewable and the need of the hour is to use sustainable power sources. In this context, the sun becomes one of the most potent sources of unlimited energy. Now, with the use of the latest technology from Endless Solar, you can rein your power bills and do your bit for the environment. The company consistently invests in R&D and brings to market innovative and new Solar Thermal Technologies.

The CoolSolar Difference

Endless Solar’s air-conditioning system is called CoolSolar; it uses the latest patented technology. This systems takes the heat from a perfectly engineered Evacuated Tube Solar collectors (this is an existing high-quality Endless Solar product) & generates cool/hot air and hot water as necessary. What the system does is that a single unit will be able to provide space heating & space cooling in an innovative and effective solution. The greenhouse gas emissions are significantly lower compared to any other existing solar thermal technology.

Innovative Solar Solutions

The company is constantly in innovation-mode and looks for new ideas that will improve the lives of people and help in sustaining the environment. The minute you decide to opt for the CoolSolar technology, you also make a significant contribution to protecting the environment as it helps you reduce your carbon footprint. This technology reduces the carbon output and subsequently our reliance on various fossil fuels. It is the perfect way of providing people with the comfort they want, but in a very environmentally-friendly way. You will notice there are significant energy savings and you also have an endless power source providing you the comfort you need.

Benefits of Using CoolSolar

Take a look at the benefits of using this innovative technology on your residential or commercial property:

  • Higher efficiency compared to conventional flat plate technology
  • Easy and fast installation
  • No maintenance
  • Self Cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Works excellently in cold climates
  • Works effectively even with limited sunlight
  • Works exceptionally well on north, west & east-facing roofs
  • Frost tolerant & has passed AS/NZ 2712 2007 standards for hail & Freeze-resistance to
  • No chemicals
  • –15° C without requirement for Glycol/a heat exchanger
  • Long warranty

The Best Choice

Solar air conditioning provides significant and noticeable environmental benefits. Air conditioning systems are one of the key contributors to high demand for electricity & CoolSolar’s systems offer the benefit of peak-load shifting as well as reduction in the total energy requirement which reduces stress on the grid. Opt for CoolSolar and benefit from significant cost-savings!!

For any more information about planning your luxury home, call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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