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Staircase Styles For Your New Custom Luxury Home

If you are planning on getting a custom luxury home built, you must surely have some ideas and a vision about how you want it to be, the ambience and theme, the colour concept, style of furniture, floor plans, alfresco area design and plans etc. While all of these are very important aspects and your builder will work with you to bring them to fruition, most homeowners tend to overlook a very important installation – the staircase in their home.

Most luxury homes are multi-storied and will have an indoor staircase that leads to the upper levels. While this is a very vital installation that also tends to dominate a section of the house, it’s also one that’s largely overlooked. We feel that you can easily turn this functional feature into a statement piece that creates an impact and adds some drama to your house. Here are some trending staircase styles for your new custom luxury home:

Trending Staircase Styles

#1 Floating Stairs

This is quite a modern concept in staircase design, but it fits in surprisingly well with a traditional interior design theme as well. The key lies in using materials that will complement the rest of the elements and installations in that space. These are also referred to as levitating/self-supporting stairs and luxury home builders are now using them in many of their projects.

These create a stunning look in the interiors of your home and can be made using materials such as wood, concrete, acrylic and glass. These stairs have supports that are driven into the adjacent wall, which makes them almost invisible; this is what gives the impression that they are levitating.

#2 Glass Stairs

These staircases are simply sensational in every way and complement the look of modernistic or contemporary-styled homes very well. They add a very unique look to the home and lend a very elegant, light and open feel to the space. Since they are transparent, they don’t obstruct the light and create a very expansive look even in smaller spaces.

This installation is great for areas with a view and you can also add to the effect of these stairs by placing an exotic carpet or rug right under them. If you like, you can also opt to get grips or handrails added to improve the safety of the feature.

#3 Spiral Staircase

This classic staircase design never goes out of style; it has been used for centuries in large mansions and homes of the blue blooded. Interestingly, this design also lends itself well to contemporary architecture, and custom home builders go the extra mile to add their unique touches to this traditional design. Some spiral staircases may still be made using time-tested wrought iron installations.

However, materials such as glass, stainless steel, wood and acrylic are commonly used in modern day spiral staircases. Some features also have a complete caging around them that’s part and parcel of an encased or cocoon design. These elements add the interest quotient to any space and it’s not surprising that luxury home owners like to have these installed on their properties.

Focus on Function and Safety

When you hire a skilled and credible builder for your custom luxury home project, they can provide you with variations in design, staircase plans and materials to choose from. Look for something that complements the aesthetic of your home and design that’s as functional as it’s stunning.

Even as you focus on the appearance of the staircase, make sure that the feature is sound from the safety aspect as well. For any more information about building and designing a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today.

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