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How To Get The Lighting of The Common Living Areas of Your Luxury Home Right

Well-planned well-designed installations and carefully chosen materials are only some of the aspects of creating unique spaces in your home. The one way to showcase your interiors is to have the right type of lighting as well. Creative and well thought-out luxury home lighting has the ability to add charisma to any space.

Some lighting tips

If you’re building, remodelling or looking for a simple home upgrade, creative lighting concepts will provide you the opportunity to enhance the appeal of your custom-designed luxury home. For a unique appeal, mix accent and decorative lighting with ambient (or background) lighting. Use dimming options to create the kind of mood lighting you like. If you prefer warm and comfortable-looking interior spaces, opt for warm, yellow lighting. Here are some tips to get the lighting of your luxury home right:


Add impact in the entranceway of your luxury home with some feature lights to turn the space into a statement piece, and:

  • It’s a great idea to install either a crystal chandelier or dramatic pendant light to the entranceway or hallway of your home. You can also opt for materials such as gunmetal, chrome, brass or bronze and crystal chandeliers to create the look you want in this space.
  • The styling and materials of the fixtures you choose should be in sync with the styling of your home. And so, if you have a more traditional or classic-styled interiors, opt for brass, bronze and crystal chandeliers. On the other hand, if you prefer a more modernistic style, you can get a chrome or gunmetal and crystal chandelier installed.
  • If you have a larger hallway area, you can include some downlights at strategic points to illuminate corners of the entranceway. The key lies in choosing designs that complement the architectural styling of your home.

Pointers: To get the right lengths for your light fixtures, measure the ceiling heights, remembering to allow a minimum of 2.1 mtrs from the bottom of the lighting fixture to the flooring. If you have extra high ceilings, the fixtures can be installed a bit higher to match the proportions of that space.


A staircase especially a sweeping spiral one is the perfect space to feature any type of statement lighting. When you have creatively-designed light fittings in the staircase area, it creates a dramatic effect in the central void as you descend or ascend. While it’s important to have natural light in staircase spaces in the daytime, the feature will look stunning and dramatic in the night if you have some well-planned lighting there. Consider the scale and size of the light fittings, for the space to achieve a well-balanced look.

Pointers: You can add some discreet LED strip lights; these can be recessed underneath the handrails for added night light, to safely light the way.

Dining and kitchen spaces

If you have an open floor plan and the dining area, kitchen and living room are linked to each other in some way, you would have to focus on ensuring that the lighting concept is similar throughout these spaces. You can of course add some accent light and statement lighting like Edison bulbs etc. to these spaces, but the basic idea is to layer the lighting well.

This means you need to use the right amount of ambient and recessed lighting; track lights and spot lights to ensure all the spaces are well-illuminated without looking excessively bright or overly dark. Your kitchen needs to have functional lighting like task lights above the food preparation and counter spaces as well as the gas stove and oven areas. You can add some under-counter LED track lights and downlights or even floor lighting to create a unique effect in this space.

For any more information about lighting techniques, building and designing a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today.

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