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Using the Right Colours to Create a Romantic Vibe in Your Master Bedroom

You design your custom master bedroom with care and choose furniture and décor with attention to detail in order to get a space that oozes comfort and luxury. While all of these are important aspects of designing a master bedroom, you also want it to have a romantic vibe and this can be achieved by using the right colour themes in this space. In this blog, we take a look at how colours can be used to create a romantic ambience in your custom-designed luxury master bedroom.

#1 Deep raspberry pink

This is undoubtedly the colour of love. You can incorporate different hues of raspberry pink and these complement the look of gold, bronze, copper and other warm metal colours. Make sure you keep the palette clean & crisp by using a lot of white; that will also balance out the “heaviness” of the deep raspberry pink. If you find the colour too intense for your taste, you can opt for a more muted variant of the colour; and a soft raspberry pink provides a feeling of intimacy and warmth without the shock that true hot pink offers.

#2 Deep ruby red

A raspberry pink has a distinctively fun and flirty look; but if you want something more sultry and dark you should consider using a deep rich ruby red. Pair it with small splashes of black and a few warm neutrals. Keep in mind that this is a saturated hue, so it’s best to use furniture and décor that are lighter in colour.

That will ensure the space doesn’t overwhelm you. If the room is large with plenty of natural light streaming through the windows and doors, you can afford to use more of the ruby red in the room. However, if this isn’t the case, make sure you add plenty of light neutrals and whites to keep it from feeling excessively snug.

#3 Caramel orange

Caramel brown is a very popular luxury bedroom colour; it’s believed to be more conducive to intimacy compared to most other colours. However, we recommend that of you plan to use this colour in your master bedroom, look for one that has more of an orange tinge rather than a brown one.

The latter tends to look a little muddy, especially in spaces that don’t have plenty of natural light streaming in. However, when you opt for a caramel orange shade for the wall paint, this peachier, softer hue automatically lends the room a very sung, inviting and warm vibe, especially when you use it to complement furniture made using rich, rack hardwoods.

#4 Black

While this may seem like an unconventional colour choice for a bedroom space, the fact is that black is a very sexy colour. And just as adding red and pink hues to bedroom give it a more romantic look, black is heady and clean all at once. However, you need to keep in view that it isn’t easy to pull off black walls in a home since the colour tends to absorb a lot of light.

But if you have a larger bedroom with an ensuite, you can use black, greys and white to create a sexy, romantic vibe in your bedroom. It’s a very dramatic colour that can add cosiness and privacy to your bedroom; you can use pops of colour and white accents to subdue the crispness of the black wall/s. Alternatively, you can paint your bedroom walls in white and use black for an accent wall or in trims etc.

For any more information about planning your luxury master bedroom design or for discussing your project details for designing and building a luxury home, call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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