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Create Drama in Luxury Interior Spaces With Recessed Cove Lighting Concepts

Lighting design plays a crucial role in altering the feel and look of any space. To achieve a stunning and perfectly illuminated home, it’s necessary to strike a balance between indirect or recessed lighting and direct lighting, also referred to as spot or task lighting.

Recessed cove lighting fixtures are an excellent way to bring in the element of indirect lighting in to any room and turn it in to a style statement. This popular technique and finding the right lighting is effective in creating drama in a room; in this technique, the light source is tucked away within cornices and throws indirect light on specific features in the room.

Unique recessed lighting ideas

This creates diffused lighting as it throws light either downwards towards the floors or upwards towards the ceiling. It also means there is no excessive glare and brightness which can sometimes be disconcerting and upsetting. Here are some superb recessed cove lighting ideas:

#1 For your ceilings

Adding recessed lighting to ceilings can enhance the ambience of any room. Cove lights act as stunning accent lighting that effectively emphasise the design of faux ceilings. The even light distribution adds a very soft ambience to the room.

#2 Highlight window treatments

Whether you have drapes, curtains, plantation shutters, fabric blinds or roller blinds, you can highlight their beauty and textures by training recessed lights on them. This imparts richness and elegance to the room and creates a unique effect without adding any specific embellishments to the space. If you want to add to the impression of higher ceilings in a small room, you should consider installing full-length curtains that can be suspended from the ceiling level.

#3 Within wall panels

Recessed lighting can ne cleverly used to transform even a very simple hallway into a striking one. You can add track lighting within the wall panels to illuminate this narrow area and it creates a stunning visual effect.

#4 Back panels of beds

Install recessed lighting within headboards of beds. The light will reflect against the wall behind the bed. If you have textured paint on it or any stone or brick veneers affixed to the wall, it can create a stunning effect on these walls.

#5 Within shelves

Your study or home office doesn’t necessarily have to be a strictly formal space and you can easily uplift the ambience of this room by using an exposed brick feature wall with strip lighting within the shelves. This seemingly simple addition can drastically transform the look of your study, into an energised and stylised den, with the least amount of effort

#6 On floors

Recessed lighting can be used to great effect in almost any space. Today, you can use LED lights of different colours at skirting level within horizontal recesses. The downlighting effect creates a stunning effect. You can use the same type of lighting under kitchen counters or tables to complete the floor lighting look.

#7 Accent features

When it comes to recessed lighting, the sky is the limit and you can turn diffused and ambient lighting into a work of art. Add a few 3D artistic wooden boxed to wall nooks and train a few recessed lights on them; this creates stunning eye-catching details on your ceiling and walls.

In addition to all these lighting effects, you can also use diffused or recessed lighting in closet spaces, around wardrobes as well as inside them; under the handrails of stairways and the step leads as well. Continue the same effect into the outdoor spaces of your home, and turn your alfresco spaces into comfortable and inviting leisure and entertainment spots.

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