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Unique Ways To Demarcate Luxury Indoor Spaces Without Building Walls

Most luxury homes are spacious and there is no dearth of space, either in the indoor or outdoor areas of the home. Today, the open floor plan design concept has entrenched itself firmly in the interior designing landscape, and most homeowners like the spacious look and feel it lends their property. Open spaces look stunning and allow you the flexibility to utilise the floor space optimally; and fit in larger and more luxurious furniture without making the rooms look too cluttered. The one downside to having an open floor plan is the loss of privacy.

Setting up spaces within a room, using open shelving systems, accordion dividers, decorative frameless glass panels, fabric dividers and partial walls can demarcate and divide indoor spaces without compromising on the openness aspect in any way. These partitions can afford you the privacy you need and still make the spaces look open and spacious. Here are some creative partition ideas for luxury indoor spaces that you can use:

#1 Use screens to accentuate spaces

Adding screens is a great way to create a room within a larger room while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. For instance, you can demarcate your dining rooms using wooden slatted screens that let through a certain amount of light and views. You have the option to swivel these screens and shut them when you wish to segregate the dining room completely. This is a great solution for an open floor plan in your living-dining area. Depending on the décor in that space, you can use fiberglass, etched glass or metals in place of wood to create the effect you want.

#2 Isolate spaces using blinds and curtains

A very simple and no-fuss method of isolating spaces in an open floor plan is either with curtains or blinds. If you like a touch of quirk or whimsy in your home, use bead or mother-of-pearl curtains instead of ones made of fabric. The beads or mother-of-pearl bits will catch the light and create an interesting effect on the walls and the two zones on either side of the curtain. These materials help create a semi-private barrier that you can walk through, but it effectively blocks the view as well. You can choose from beads made of bamboo, wood, glass or acrylic.

#3 Add louvers

Shutters or blinds with movable slats are an excellent method of shielding the view. You can opt for pleated blinds that can be pulled down to quickly divide the two spaces on either side of the living room. On the other hand, when you want to open up the space like when you have a larger number of guests at home, all you have to do is roll up the blinds and you will have an open, expansive space where your guests can mingle freely. Consider using wooden blinds as these instantaneously lend a touch of sophistication and warmth to the space.

#4 Open shelves

You can add large half-height open shelves and place a few pieces of art on alternating sections. These shelves will allow the light to filter through but provide a certain relief to the expansive living-dining spaces. Since you can display artefacts or place books on these shelves, they also become a dual-function feature, which adds to their value.

In addition to these solutions, you can also consider adding sliding glass partitions that vanish into panelling along walls on either sides when they are slid open. The other option to demarcate spaces within a room is to set up a half-height wall or counter that subtly divides the space without disrupting the flow of the room. For any more information about building and designing a custom luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today.

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