outdoor living concepts for luxury homes

Outdoor Living Concepts for Luxury Homes

Today, Australian custom home builders are seeing a rise in the demand for unique-looking outdoor living spaces in their modern home design projects. Alfresco living has always been an integral part of the Australian lifestyle, but now it’s even more prevalent than it was before.

Clients are more well-informed and exposed to the latest and global luxury home design trends and look for similar concepts and finesse in the work that custom home builders in Australia do for them. Current-day million dollar homes sport luxurious interior spaces and equally luxurious outdoor ones. The design concepts flow through seamlessly as do the colour and thematic aspects.

Luxurious Outdoor Living Concepts

The other important factor that designers have to now keep in view is that these spaces should be aesthetically appealing yet highly functional as well and that the owners be able to use them comfortably right round the year. Here are some very popular outdoor living concepts for luxury homes:

Outdoor rooms

This is a considerably new concept and though it’s called an outdoor room, it could be a semi-enclosed/open-to-the-air, outdoor space on a residential property. This outdoor room is an extension of an indoor space like a living room and has distinctly demarcated spaces for cooking, lounging, entertainment, recreation as well as dining. In fact, this also becomes the perfect space for the homeowners to display their unique artwork and décor.

The primary reason they are called rooms is that though they are actually outdoor spaces, they offer the same comfort & order that any indoor space does; however, their outdoor feel remains untouched.

The focus is on ensuring that open air, sunshine, the surrounding nature and the views are given maximum importance. Advanced sound systems, sensor-connected outdoor lighting and automated awnings add to the comfort aspect and turn this area into an incomparable leisure zone.

Aesthetics and outdoor design

Regardless of the features incorporated in the outdoor spaces, the one common trend is the addition of vertical installations such as privacy screens, living walls, cascading waterfalls and retaining walls with recessed lighting.

These are all designed on clean lines concepts and cleverly divide the available space and hide unattractive views without impacting the openness of the outdoor space. When it comes to outdoor living design concepts, you will find that clean, crisp lines are used and walkways and pathways are less meandering and run along sharp angles.

Interestingly, this almost geometrical design theme is offset very cleverly with natural and more casual-shaped features such as river pebble-lined streams or ponds that are built like natural ones and mimic nature. This allows homeowners to enjoy these outdoor spaces in a very unique way.

Multi-level outdoor areas

Since most luxury homes also have some open space around them; landscape designers are taking the creative quotient one step higher and grading the property in such a way that there are distinct multi-levelled outdoor living spaces. This also means more than one room in the house can have private outdoor living areas.

Gardens with exotic plants and Zen concept landscaping as well as knife-edge swimming pools are becoming popular. The latter take the infinity pool concept one notch higher. They have a small slit towards the end of the pool into which the water disappears; and almost no coping or edging material is required to be used. This lends a highly-reflective and sleek effect to the pool.

Vegetable patches, solar powered outdoor lighting and organic gardening, all make for more eco-friendly living. Fibre-optic pool lighting and LED lamps are used creatively in these outdoor areas to lend a stunning look to the landscape.

Very simply, custom luxury home designers are pulling all the stops when it comes creating unique outdoor spaces for their client’s homes.

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