moroccan style indoor and outdoor design ideas

Moroccan Style Indoor and Outdoor Design Ideas For Luxury Homes

Many homeowners like to get some exotic features and elements installed in their home. While the interior spaces may be designed in certain traditional or classic themes, you can easily create stunning and unique-looking outdoor spaces that are no less than a statement piece. It’s why many luxury homeowners use tropical, tropical or Zen-style design concepts in their spa and pool areas and alfresco spaces.

Today, we are discussing one more unique design concept that can create a superb look in the outdoor areas of your home- the Moroccan style!! If you prefer, the same styling can be used in the indoor spaces as well. In this, geometric patterns, old jewel coloured lantern lights, earthy toned furnishing and more are used to create a luxurious and welcoming and equally exotic and warm look on your property.

Some unique ideas

Here are some pointers on how you can design the indoor and outdoor areas of your home, in a Moroccan style:

  • If you want to achieve the classic layered Moroccan oasis ambience in your home, opt for various exotic colour combinations, in conjunction with atmospheric lighting effects and textured patterns.
  • The colour palette you choose would be deep and rich and you should also get creative with using clashing bright tones as accent pieces.
  • Opulent colours and heavy fabrics look stunning in this setting.
  • If you prefer, these vivid accents can easily be toned down with accompanying neutrals as that will add certain subtleness to the overall look of the space.
  • Moroccan–inspired interiors generally focus on a casual yet luxurious look using soft furnishings and diverse textures in different elements.
  • Chenille fabrics are ideal for achieving this sumptuous lounging comfort as they are soft and tactile.
  • You can add embellishments such as tassels, contrasting piping and buttoning and more; these, in addition to the hints of pattern are the perfect way to capture the look of Moroccan luxury.
  • Add tea lights and lanterns as well as candlelight features to create the low level lighting that is very unique to a Moroccan setting.

Create a seamless look

While you are using all these textures and colours, you would also have to make sure that there are some other features in the indoor areas that complement the look of these luxurious Moroccan statement areas. The only way the space will look balanced and seamless is if you use some similar styled items in the other rooms as well.

Alternatively, if you feel that the look would be too overwhelming if you use it throughout your home, you can use this design style and concept in any segregated area on your property; like an outdoor kitchen, a pool house or any other relaxation spot in your luxury home.

When you are choosing materials for outdoor spaces, make it a point to look for weather-resistant fabric and materials. If the lanterns and lights that you are using are open at the top, make sure these are placed in covered spots to prevent rain water from getting into them. Creating stunning effects in your luxury home is a lot about using creative and unique concepts and interior design ideas.

You can check online resources and magazines for some inspiration; or simply work with a skilled interior designer, architect or builder who would be able to guide you and provide you all the information and services you need. For any more information about building and designing a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today.

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