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Modern Architecture Design in Australia

Modern home architecture and design has been the driving force behind the Australian building industry for the past 10 years. With ever changing technology and the increased expectations from our clients, we have adjusted and improved our approach to design and construction, and have become more technologically adept when delivering our range of possibilities to customers.

With the addition of new and innovative technology comes the added responsibility to our clients by manufacturers, suppliers, builders and designers. A home must be carefully designed to perform sustainability and subsequently use solar in passive and non-passive design criteria. The introduction of power saving hence carbon neutral homes is at the forefront of design and client requirements, and with the introduction of the web, our customers have become more knowledgeable about the products currently being used to build their homes.

As a result, it is natural they should want more say in how the design sits within the scope of their building site and the best use of space, protection from the elements, the economy and their livelihood.

Considering the Environment:

The environment is now a significant consideration when we are making decisions about energy consumption within our homes. The use of solar panels for power generation, solar hot water units for heating and hot water, and a diminished level of waste in construction, will reduced the need for waste stations and added strain upon our environment. In addition, more studies have been undertaken on the sun and its positive and negative influences upon our designs and the products we use in our homes.

Smart Architecture:

As designers and builders, it is therefore important that we preserve our way of life and protect each client’s investment, family and their environment. Because our living standards are constantly evolving more emphasis is now on indoor – outdoor living, and targeted to specific spaces within our designs and building processes.

Sustainable Building:

With this in mind, the combination of new and old ideas, design criteria, and the use of sustainable building products are a must for our industry to survive and prosper. Designers and Builders must find creative ways of constructing dwellings to help protect our homes for the future and create a living space that has a minimal effect upon the Earth.

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