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How To Create Luxury Using the Minimalist Design Concept

Gone are the days when only opulence and elaborate interior design concepts were synonymous with luxury. Today, many luxury home builders are veering towards minimalist architectural elements in their projects, simply because that’s what many clients now demand. It’s natural that a home that’s been built on a minimalist architectural style will follow the same design concept in its interior design and décor elements.

We live in a world of millenials that are well travelled and exposed to various global designing trends; many of them like the no-fuss environs minimalist design concepts provide them. By no means does this imply that a minimalist home will compromise on the luxury aspect. In fact, many luxury home designers are creative enough to create arresting interior and alfresco spaces on their client’s properties that are chic with clean and crisp lines, yet have an undeniably luxurious feel and look.

Contemporary architecture and interior design is all about eclecticism and subdued opulence. The focus is on creating open and spacious interiors with zero-clutter. The emphasis is on using clean lines, fewer pieces of furniture and installations with that lean on a linear theme. Minimalism is a trend that waxes and wanes and 2016 saw it make a solid comeback that seems to have carried through into 2017 as well.

Minimalistic Design – Different Aspects

The minimalist design approach is a reflection of modern times and this design rests heavily on a number of different aspects such as:

  • Simplicity in themes and clarity in concepts of architecture and interior design
  • Interior spaces that are designed on a minimalist theme may have chrome and glass
  • More whites than colours and the emphasis is on using a monochrome palette
  • More open floor plans than walls segregating common living spaces in the home
  • The emphasis is also on using glass and other features that will bring in more light into the indoor spaces
  • The furniture and other installations are designed to blend in with the clean and elegant look rather than be the focal point in a room
  • Limited yet choice artworks on walls
  • Functional and clean lines
  • LED lighting
  • Flow of spaces within the home and in the landscaped areas of the property
  • Pops of colour to lend relief to the overall plain design

Some Focal Points

This kind of contemporary styling in home design is in great demand in Australia and luxury homeowners look for builders and designers that would be able to work closely with them to understand what their ideas and preferences are.

Up until a decade ago, a minimalistic style immediately brought forth visions of sparsely designed, ascetic looking spaces; but that is no longer the case and this design concept has evolved to a form where comfort doesn’t take a backseat. And so its normal and even required that a home which has been designed in a minimalistic style have some elements made of vibrant fabrics, leather as well as hardwoods.

Minimalist Design in Outdoor Spaces

The designers are also giving equal importance to the poolscapes and other exterior features such as outdoor kitchens and spas. The minimalist architecture concept works well even in these semi-enclosed or open-to-air spaces and the home’s natural surroundings blend in well with the transitional and connected indoor areas.

The kind of luxury that this theme exudes is difficult to pinpoint, but it’s there and evident in every installation, material, piece of furniture and décor piece. For any more information about building and designing a luxury home on a minimalistic style site, call us today.

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