Mirrors are a wonderful addition to your custom home and you don’t need to restrict your creativity when you are getting them designed. You can get unique mirrors that are not only functional but have a distinctive aesthetic appeal too. Your custom home is probably filled with interesting features and installations, furniture and artwork that you have collected with attention to detail to create spaces just the way you want them to be.

Stylistic, custom-designed mirrors can become a statement piece and the focal point of a room. The trick lies in picking designs that are easy on the eye, yet unique and outstanding in appearance and finishing. Aside from this, you also need to identify the right place to install the mirrors in order to create the effect you want. Here are some stylistic mirror arrangements in your living room you will surely find interesting:

#1 Mirrored walls

This is undoubtedly a bold design statement and you need to use the concept judiciously. Not every room will look great with a mirrored wall and not every space needs it. For instance, an expansive living room just doesn’t lend itself well to a wall of mirrors. On the other hand, it can do wonders in a more compact space. You can get sectional mirrors that are made up of numerous smaller mirrors. Alternatively, you can get one or two large mirror panels and get them framed in a design and material that complements some furniture or lighting fixtures in the room.

#2 Mirror clusters for corner spaces

Since mirrors are reflective, using too many of them in one spot can mar the look of the room and make a wall look messy and cluttered. But if you have a collection of antique and uniquely-framed mirrors, you can always install them all in a neat and artistic manner along the length of a wide column or niche in the living room. Not only is this an excellent way of displaying your mirror collection, but it will create a very distinctive and artistic look in that space.

#3 Mix-and-match

If you have alfresco spaces that need some embellishments, you should consider getting an ornate or oversized mirror installed there. For instance, you can look for antique, elaborately-carved framed mirrors or even commission one if you like. If the piece is very elaborate in its design and styling, you can balance it out by placing the mirror in a space that has a more contemporary design; add warmth to the setting by placing large palms around the mirror.

#4 Go geometric

If you prefer a more modernistic style, opt for steel framed circular mirrors of varying diameters. Team these in an interesting way above an entranceway console to create drama in that space. You can also place vases with flowers in them to lend the console setting a more balanced look.

#5 Faux window wall mirrors

If your living room has a high ceiling, you can complement it with a large faux window wall mirror placed in an arched framework. Use a distressed finish for the wooden frame and leave the feature free of any other additions. The mirror will automatically become the focal point of that space and enhance the aesthetics of the other features there.

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