luxury home interior design trends in 2017

Luxury Home Interior Designing Trends in 2017

Interior design trends are never stagnant and each year brings with it many new concepts and themes that interior designers use in their projects and luxury home owners choose for their properties. Global trends have a way of influencing designing concepts in Australia, just as they do in any other country.

Luxury home owners are well-travelled and have a lot of exposure to the latest home design and architecture concepts. They like to stay in-step with these trends and work closely with their home builders, architects and interior designers to ensure they get the kind of spaces they would be proud to own and love to use.

Current day luxury home design trends focus less on ostentatious and elaborate features and more on subdued elegance. The idea is to create comfortable homes that have the latest installations and technology incorporated into them. Today, we aren’t discussing interior design trends in the strictest sense of the term; rather, we are looking at some concepts that are increasingly being used in modern day luxury homes:

#1 The Lifestyle & Wellness Quotient

In the luxury real estate market, a lot of thought & innovation is being poured into how wellness can be integrated into homes. Designers are now making extra efforts to ensure that the structures they design and the features they install are different; some noticeable trends include:

  • The structures are built to allow more natural light and air to filter into the indoor spaces of the homes.
  • The bathrooms have a more spa-like ambience
  • Indoor gym spaces are being integrated with sauna or steam rooms, and there are special spaces allocated for beauty and wellness treatments.
  • The design elements largely come from metals, timber and natural stone that are being included in the concept and theme.
  • Since many luxury homeowners are also business folk that travel a lot, many homes now sport separate bedrooms. These are becoming acceptable again as the couple gets their individual space even when their partner travels for work and returns at erratic times. Personal suites are making a comeback in a significant way.
  • The general trend is to creating luxury homes that make a statement. But more than that the homes have to play their roles in reducing stress.

#2 The Technology Aspect

In 2016, technology was a major influencing factor in the manner in which people lived in their homes. In 2017, smart homes are becoming a norm rather than an exception, and wireless connectivity is being used to monitor everything ranging from heating and cooling, security and lighting systems, home appliances and more; all this even from remote locations!

Even as this technology advances and becomes more affordable, it will reach a larger number of homes this year and beyond. This is why home builders and designers are focusing on the design aspect of a structure, but with the layer of technology woven into it.

#3 Colours are Important

People are now more open to experimenting with colours in their home spaces. While pastel shades subdued colours aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, luxury homeowners are becoming more flexible with using more exotic colour themes in their home. And so the idea is to have fun with colours, even while maintaining the cohesiveness of the space.

Denim blues, bottle greens and jewel tones are being prominently used in the interiors and alfresco areas of luxury homes. These colour concepts are also being carried through to the landscaped areas of homes in the form of plants and shrubs with leaves of different colours and hues.

For any more information about building and designing a luxury home in any design trend you like, call us today.

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