Luxury Home Designs

Luxury Home Designs, Where to Start

Every homeowner aims to make their home attractive and functional and it’s the same with someone who builds or owns a luxury home. The difference in the latter is that the location, setting, structure, layout and amenities will far surpass those of any other standard home. Today, luxury homes in Sydney have immense living spaces, high-beamed ceilings, gourmet kitchens and a number of outstanding architectural characteristics.

The Design Aspect

Regardless of how you have envisioned your luxury home to be, the most important aspect becomes its design. This has to match your function requirements without being overly elaborate. Elegance, opulence and the style quotient can be achieved by focusing on designing homes with attention to detail. Luxury homes stand the test of time and these structures are very current in the way they look and will look equally in-sync with future building trends too.

Some Tips

It’s a lot about sophistication and beauty, the use of unique materials and an environment that is well-conceived and well-planned. If you are planning on building a luxury home for your family and are wondering where to begin, here are some luxury home design ideas:

  • Focus on creating a design that is centred on problem-solving and function. Luxury is a lot about a custom approach and personal design solutions
  • The first things to take into consideration are the framework and the permanent elements like the floors and ceilings- these set the foundation of the broader design of your luxury home
  • You should work closely with your contractor or architect to create all the important detailing. This architectural background lends uniqueness & definition to a home. It will include aspects such as proper lighting and creative features
  • Though there are a number of new materials being launched in the market every day, focus on using classic materials such as marbles, fine wood and natural stone. Regardless of the styling of your home (traditional or contemporary), you will find that these materials will complement the overall look of all the other elements and features too
  • Opt for furnishings that have very unique and interesting finishes- these will add to the uniqueness of the place and lend character to your luxury home. The fabric you opt for should and have rich colours and textures which will lend a luxurious and attractive look to your home. Choose unusual marbles and woods
  • When it comes to colours – it’s best to stick to one that you like and don’t be swayed by the clichéd “color of the year” concept. Remember that luxury and good taste never goes out of style. The important thing is to use colours that will match your personal preferences and blend perfectly with the other elements and décor you plan on having in your home
  • Do not be tempted to buy too many artefacts or artwork – a cluttered home will lose its luxury quotient. You can always buy the things you like and keep them in storage – keep switching the artwork and decorative pieces. That way, the interiors will get the change they need and you still get to keep all the beautiful pieces you like
  • Do not overdo anything, either in the design of your home or in its embellishments. Class and luxury is about maintaining clarity and fine lines
  • It’s also important to maintain consistency in design across all the rooms and spaces in your home. Do not try to experiment with too many architectural elements as that will create a very “confused” look
  • When you design a home that has timeless beauty, it could be modern, traditional, contemporary, casual eclectic or transitional and you can express your creativity in design in any way you like. The only thing is that you should make very thoughtful choices and never deviate from detailing

Define the Concept

When you start working on the design of your luxury home, define the theme design or concept first and then add all the accents of luxury in the space. Avoid being excessive, use a combination of complementary styling if you like and always opt for high quality – in the materials used, the workmanship, the kind of objects and furnishing you choose etc. Follow these tips and you will find that designing that luxury home you want is not such a difficult task after all.

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