luxury bedroom ideas for 2016

Luxury Bedroom Ideas for 2016

Today, bedrooms are considered to be much more than just places where people sleep and most luxury home owners have very distinct ideas about what they would like their bedrooms to be like. Not only are large and luxurious walk-in wardrobes a norm, but there are also en-suite bathrooms that are equally luxurious as well.

However the one big change in luxury bedroom design trends in 2016 is that even the standard elements are now being customised in a significant manner. Here are some of the most popular and noticeable trends:

  • Instead of having ensuites, homeowners now prefer to get custom designed in-room showers and baths installed.
  • Today’s luxury bathrooms sport statement tubs that may be partially segregated from the main bedroom space; freestanding storage units or elegant screens may be used to create this segregation.
  • These additions make bath time a much more relaxing experience, rather than just an activity that’s used for grooming.
  • People are also now including plunge pools or lap pools in these areas.
  • Variants such as spa baths and saunas are being added as well.
  • The other big trend is that ottomans, couches and chairs are also being added for a more luxurious feel. Not only does it add to the elegance of the bedroom, but enhances its functionality as well.
  • The other extensions to bedrooms that people are now opting for, are small, special use rooms including meditation havens as well as libraries cum home office areas; these have comfortable seating and floor-to-ceiling shelves. Soothing music and ambient lighting go to make these spaces truly luxurious in every which way possible.
  • Additions like large, flat screen TVs that may be cleverly concealed in special cabinets or TVs installed in special ante-rooms are another design trend that has emerged in 2016.
  • Many custom home builders now find that clients prefer a similar approach when it comes to gym equipment- they are requesting for secluded spaces or small rooms created inside the master bedroom areas- there could be a rowing machine, elliptical machine or even a stair master added here that can be hidden from view once they have been used.
  • In areas like the walk-in closets, humidity and temperature control systems are installed; these help protect the clothes and precious items that may be stored there.
  • Fittings and fixtures may be sourced from across the world and care is taken to create spaces that are unique in every possible way.
  • Many installations are remote-controlled and all it takes is the touch of a button to control the blinds, curtains, music, lighting, TV and other media systems as well as air conditioning systems.

In short, the modern luxury bedroom is much more than just a space where there are luxurious beds and linen. It’s a space that is designed to pamper and cater to the owner’s specific preferences and ideas.

Functionality in Luxury

The focus of all these design trends is to create luxury and comfort zones that also provide functionality. While all these additions, installations and features sound like they are the ultimate in luxury, it’s important that you hire the services of custom home builders that have the experience and the exposure to design spaces you would love to live in and use.

We are one of the leading custom luxury home builders in Australia and specialise in creating homes that are functional, stunningly beautiful and completely in sync with our client’s requirements. For any more information about the different trends for building custom designed luxury home, call us today at +61 0414 998 727 or use this contact form to keep in touch. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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