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4 Ultra Luxurious Materials for Custom Designed Homes in Australia

When you think of a custom-designed luxury home, you think of elegant and unique elements, features and installations. You think of large open and spacious rooms with equally massive landscapes, an impressive pool and spa area and maybe other recreation zones as well. While your luxury home is defined by the type and quality of the amenities you get installed, what also matters is the choice of material.

There are a number of new products and material launches on the market and that also means interior design trends come and go. If you are building a new home or renovating your existing one, you may get swayed by these trends. While it’s definitely a good idea to check what the latest design and décor trends are, it’s also very important to choose materials that won’t go out of style in a jiffy.

There are certain materials such as glass and marble which have been used for decades in various luxury home installations, and have a classic appeal. Here we talk about a few uncommon materials that are edging their way into the custom luxury home space:

#1 Brass

If you want to add a touch of class and bling to your home, you should consider adding some brass features to it; take a look at why:

  • Brass look stunning and in some ways, its appearance is akin to gold.
  • It is also a highly malleable and durable material and is available in a number of shades including pale yellows to bronzy shades.
  • It complements the look of different types of interior themes and concepts and looks great when used in spaces that have marble, cement screeds and Peranakan tiles. It looks stunning as inlay work on wooden furniture, mirrors etc. and burnished brass lends itself beautifully to interiors that have been styled on a vintage or industrial theme.

#2 Agate

If you like the appearance of natural stones, rocks and like vibrant splashes of natural colour in your home, you should consider getting geode or agate décor accents for the rooms in your house. They look great in spaces that have been designed on a more natural theme. If you prefer a more streamlined and simplistic look, you can still use these colourful stones; but pair them with solid-coloured or neutral-coloured walls. Any feature that has agate in it is no less than a statement piece and adds oodles of charm to your custom luxury home.

#3 Bone Inlay

While this may sound morbid, there really is nothing creepy about bone inlay work. This work is so stunning that’s you will easily forget that its animal bone; in fact, this is now a replacement in installations and features that used ivory in days gone by. This particular art has its origins India and bone inlay work can be extremely intricate and is highly valued as well. In this work, camel bone is carved and then carefully polished before being set in wood or resin.

#4 Live Edges

Live edge furniture is stunning and unique and these are no less than artwork. They look luxurious and fit right in with the decor in custom designed homes. Live edges retain the edges of the reclaimed wood and they could be sourced from trees such as mesquite and walnuts. These pieces of wood can be used as shelf pieces, headboards and dining table tops too; it’s best to include these in spaces that have more natural and subtle shades such as beiges, black, white and greys etc.

You can also use cork, oxidised metals and leather or even faux leather to accentuate various spaces in your home. For any information about building a luxury home call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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