lighting ideas for hallways, stairs and landings in your luxury home

Interesting Lighting Ideas For Hallways, Stairs and Landings in Your Luxury Home

Most luxury homes have expansive indoor and outdoor spaces, and they have features such as staircase, landings and hallways. While you focus on designing all the rooms in your home and installing the right lighting fixtures, it’s equally important that you plan the right kind of lighting for your hallways, stairs and landings.

The light fixtures you choose for these areas will dictate how well the design themes and concepts flow through from one room to the other. You should focus on ensuring there is a level of harmony between the lighting in every area; this helps your eyes adjust very naturally when passing from one room to the next. Here are some interesting lighting ideas for hallways, stairs and landings in your luxury home:

The hallway

This is one of the first things that any visitor to your home, sets eyes upon and gives them a glimpse of your personality and style. Since this is typically a walkthrough area, you can actually get quite creative and have some fun while planning the décor and lighting for this space. Most times, hallways don’t have adequate amounts of natural light.

The one way to overcome this aspect is to use lighter shades of paint, wallpaper, upholstery, draperies and furniture or polish finishes. You can add a feature wall or some bright rugs for a pop of color in this space. All these additions need to be complemented with the right kind of lighting and all the illumination in this area should be inviting. The different type of lighting you could use here are:

  • Before you choose the fittings, take the dimensions of the area into consideration. If you have narrow & long hallway, try adding some recessed downlights; these should line the path along the hallway.
  • If the ceiling height in this space is very low, flush ceiling fittings will work best as they wouldn’t cause any type of obstruction like pendant or other hanging lights would.
  • If the ceilings are higher, adding an artistic chandelier is the one way to create drama in this space. If there is a console table in the hallway, you may want to consider placing a well-designed lamp to lend the area a cozy ambience.
  • Placing mirrors at strategic points in the hallway can create a feeling of openness and vastness.

The Stairway

The stairway is the link between the lower and upper storey of your luxury home and its design and lighting has to effectively tie the décor and styling of both these areas. Choose similar colours and shades for the walls and you can complement the look with brighter-coloured stairway runners. If there is plenty of natural light on your stairway, you would have to choose the lighting in this space, with extra care. Here are some lighting tips for this space:

  • You can get dimmable stair lights installed and these provide sufficient illumination for walking safely, up and down the stairs.
  • Add a more subdued background light for use when the stairway lights aren’t being operated.
  • Place multi-fitting pendant light at the top of the stairs.
  • Install wall lights to make a very elegant statement.

The Landing

It’s true that your landing won’t be directly visible when compared to your hallway; however it should be as beautifully decorated and tastefully-lit as the latter. The type of lighting you install here would depend on the amount of natural light and space this area has:

You can decide whether subtle lighting would work or whether you need more bold and bright light fittings here. Recessed lighting works well here too and you can get wall lights, dimmable fittings and floor washers fitted. It add a very interesting layer of light to this space

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