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Lighting Faux Pas to Avoid in Your Custom Luxury Home

When you are planning and designing the interior spaces of your luxury home, you focus on aspects such as the layout, movement flow, furniture placement, accessories and décor, furnishing, flooring, wall colours and more. Ineffective lighting can mar the look of even the most well-designed interiors and may not provide sufficient lighting in spaces where it’s needed most.

The don’ts

While it’s important to have some understanding of basic lighting dos, we feel it’s even more important to be aware of the don’ts. Here are some lighting faux pas to avoid in your custom luxury home.

#1 Installing recessed downlighting in all areas

This is a very common mistake homeowners, as well as many lighting designers, make. Many builders also just assume that installing downlights everywhere will help illuminate all the areas well. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If can lights are being used, unless they are wall wash/adjustable fixtures, they generally don’t throw enough light on vertical surfaces; and these are the areas where we perceive light the most. With an excessive number of ill-positioned light fixtures in these areas, you would only end up wasting a lot of wattage with spaces that look dull and grim, because the lighting along the walls isn’t right.

#2 Not adding task lights to the kitchen spaces

While you can have a certain amount of ambient lighting in the kitchen, you need task lights in the food preparation and cooking areas. The counters that are positioned along the walls can be lit using LED task lights under the wall cabinets that run along those walls. If some of the counter spaces don’t have any wall cabinets, you can get recessed adjustable fixtures or ceiling-mounted lights installed.

#3 Using downlights above the vanities without installing lights along the sides

When you stand directly under downlights without any illumination along the sides of your face, it creates unflattering & exaggerated shadows. While it’s okay and even necessary to have a downlight over the sinks to highlight your luxury bathroom fixtures and exotic countertop materials, it isn’t sufficient for tasks such as shaving, applying makeup or tweezing. For this, you need some light at eye level along the edges of the mirror and installing a sconce on either side of the mirror will do the trick.

#4 Not using dimmers for halogen and incandescent lights

While most luxury homeowners are becoming very eco-conscious and prefer to get energy-efficient light fittings in their home, it’s also important to install dimmers especially if you still have halogen or incandescent lights. Dimmers are one of the best ways to create the mood you want in a particular room; in addition, they also allow you to save energy and lengthen the lifespan of the lamp.

#5 Not using the light layering technique

Regardless of the room or space you are illuminating, you need to use a combination of light fixtures to achieve the effect and ambience you want. The one way to get this right is to use the layering technique, which means you have ambient lighting, wall lighting, some recessed and downlights installed as well as concealed track lighting in the ceiling. This helps layer the light and enhances the appeal of the furniture and décor in your custom home.

Since there are so many aspects to keep in view while planning the lighting in your luxury home, it’s important that you discuss your requirements with your builder and designer/architect, so you get the right type of illumination on your property. For any more information about planning your luxury home lighting or for designing and building a luxury home call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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