library wall treatments for custom-built luxury homes

Library Wall Treatments For Custom-Built Luxury Homes

When you hire a custom home builder for your home building project, they will have meetings with you and discuss the details. They will keep all your requirements in view and then give you various ideas and plans and provide design options that will work for you. Many luxury homes have dedicated library spaces and the builders also take a lot of care to ensure they create stunning and unique design concepts for their clients.

Wood of various species lends itself beautifully to library areas in a luxury home. Timber features in a residential setting never go out of style and have a classic appeal that can survive interior design trends. When you are planning your library, the builder will discuss the varieties of timber, finishes and stains.

Different finishes

  • They will identify whether you prefer to get a more traditional look with a darker wood façade or whether a much lighter finish and stain would look good and complement the look of your home in a better way.
  • Regardless of the wood and shade of stain, you are sure to want the wood, its finer details and texture to make your guests want to turn and look at the installation, and run their hands across the polished surfaces.
  • If you feel you want a library that looks much brighter, you should opt for blond woods such as clear pine, pearwood and white oak etc; consequently, the stains should also be lighter.
  • If your home has more modern styling, these kinds of lighter stains will complement the look of the overall décor much better.
  • The conventional library has a more classic look and the hardwood floors and wall treatment have a very cosy and luxurious appearance and feel. For this theme, you can choose from wood species such as walnut, cherry, oak, reclaimed wood, maple etc.
  • Luxury home owners tend to covet exotic wood species; these are generally timber sourced from trees that grow in tropical regions; and they are also valued for their designs, patterns and hues. These trees tend to grow very tall and they have fewer branches; this translates into fewer knots and defects.
  • Some mahogany from Africa has stunning flame-like patterns.
  • Certain African Cherry trees have the “Plum Pudding” grains.
  • Wenge is a very dark wood that grows in Central Africa; it’s used in place of ebony.
  • Here in Australia, we have the Beeswing eucalyptus; the pattern on this wood looks very much like the wing of an enlarged bee.
  • Apart from choosing the right kind of wood your library’s wall treatments, you also need to decide what colour of wood stain you want to use as a finish for the façade. You can decide whether you want a rubbed wax finish or an oil finish.

Create a unique look in your library

Since there are so many different wood species, stains as well as finishes to choose from, you can create a very unique-looking library for your home. In addition, you can also decide whether you want the wall treatment to be smooth & flat, or whether you want wainscoting, beadboarding or a mix of these different finishes. If you have a very high ceiling in your library, you can choose to get a rolling library ladder; this is a custom feature that also gives you the added functionality of accessing the shelves that are positioned high up on the walls.

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