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Island Benches – The Latest Trend in Custom-Built Designer Kitchens

There was a time when some rooms in the house always took a back seat in the overall designing process. However, this is no longer the case. Today, when people are getting luxury homes built/redesigned, they focus on the design concepts that flow through all the indoor and outdoor areas of their property and this includes the kitchen areas too. We have seen a distinct change in kitchen design trends for kitchens in luxury homes.

Creating a Focal Point

There is a significant demand for unique-looking kitchen cabinets, kitchen surfaces and benchtops. Custom designed storage spaces as well as kitchen plumbing fixtures are the latest in thing too. The other elements that are in high demand are kitchen island benches. When designed well and installed to perfection, they can look stunningly attractive and can become the focal point of the kitchen in most luxury homes. Not only do they add to the aesthetics of the place, but provide additional workspace as well.

Special Effects in Kitchen Design

While there are a number of design concepts to choose from, many homeowners are now opting for island benches that have a bench with an asymmetrical design on one side. The other end has a gently curved installation in which a dining area can be incorporated. But this is not where the designers are stopping at.

They are taking their creativity to another level and integrating a lot of special embellishments such as recessed LED lighting under the skirting level of the bench or even some above the bench. They are using mirrors and custom-designed tiles to create unique features that will complement the likings and preferences of their clients.

Some Novel Island Bench Concepts

Since the focus is also on functionality, designers are going the extra mile to create solutions that are more ‘convertible’. This is where the concept of the movable bench was born. These pieces are like standard benches, but only on casters. These become the perfect solution in homes where the owners like to socialise and throw a lot of parties in their homes. The benches provide enough space for food preparation, but they can be moved into a corner or put away whenever more space is required.

The industrial look is another trend that has been going strong since last year and has been carried through to 2016 as well. Many designers are outdoing themselves by incorporating repurposed wooden benches. These are being used in combination with more modern materials like glass and steel – the final look is interestingly antiquated and modern all at once.

The Beauty of Porcelain for Island Benches

This year has brought in its wake a number of luxury home design trends and new materials are being used in interior and exterior spaces of homes. When it comes to kitchens, porcelain (sintered compact surfaces) benchtops have emerged as a major trend. This material has properties similar to materials such as smart stone and Caesar stone.

This surface is the ideal choice for kitchens that are strongly lit, as it is resistant to sunlight. Apart from this, the material is also manufactured in much larger slabs compared to materials with a quartz base. If you have a spacious kitchen with a longer island bench, porcelain becomes an excellent countertop material choice and it provides a seamless, smooth surface

It doesn’t stain easily which makes it a great surface for food preparation. It can also be used in combination with any wood of your choice and the same timber can be used in the seating arrangement that’s an extension of the island bench. For any more information about the latest luxury home design trends and concepts, call us today or use this online form to reach us.

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