invisible features that can add to the luxury quotient of your home

How Custom Home Builders Use Space Optimally to Create the Touch of Luxury

When it comes to adding something ‘extra’ and unique to the most luxurious custom luxury homes, there are a number of hidden features that builders are now recommending to their clients. These features offer the opportunity to take these million dollar homes onto the next level.

As a homeowner that is getting a luxury home built, you remember to consider features such as your dream kitchen, living room, dream bathroom and bedroom as well as the alfresco areas. The one thing that sets a luxury home apart from a regular one is that every one of its features tends to invoke a sense of pride.

The custom, invisible features that luxury home builders are now adding to their client’s projects go a long way in enhancing the expression of the customer’s individual style, and adding a unique edge to your property. Here is a list of some very surprising and interesting invisible features that can add to the luxury quotient and take it to a new level.

The attic space with a view

If you are getting a new luxury home built, it’s a good idea to consider the attic as an integral segment of those plans. With a certain amount of smart planning, creativity and innovation, it can become the ideal place to enjoy the sun or to star gaze. In fact, with the right features, it can also become the perfect place to host a very intimate dinner party. You can really open up this space by adding large windows and doors and skylights too. This can add to the unique character of your luxury home in a significant way.

Cleverly hidden suites

These have become a major favourite in luxury homes across the globe. Property owners are hiding custom wine cellars, luxurious bedrooms suits as well as home office areas behind custom design features such as book cases as well as wall murals. These add a layer of luxury and interest to a custom built home.

Of course, book vases have popularly been used as facades to cover hidden rooms; however, now wall paintings and massive wall mirrors are seen in luxury homes across Australia. These features create a stunning impact and homeowners find that their guests are impressed with the concept of these ‘hidden’ spaces.

Reinventing the guest house concept

There was a time when guest houses on the grounds would largely be vacant, and were used only if the owners were going to have overnight guests visiting. However, all this has changed; and now property owners are focusing on turning these places into dual purpose spaces. So the guest house might double up as a home office, personal gym a man cave or an opulent play room as well. Since the guest houses tend to be a distance away from the main house, it’s possible to create an exclusive space with different décor concepts and designs with multi- functional guest house areas.

Hire the experts

The idea behind creating these hidden spaces is to use the available space in a clever manner and expand the possibilities of the luxury home and take it to the next level, which adds to the allure of the property. While ideas such as these are important, it’s also important to hire the services of an experienced and credible builder for the job.

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