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How Internal Sliding Doors Can Be Used In Modern Luxury Homes

When it comes to modern architecture, openness and fluidity have always been the buzzwords. When you are getting your luxury home designed and built, you can incorporate certain features such as large sliding doors to add to the expansiveness of the internal areas.

Internal sliding doors create a beautiful sense of flow right through the house that standard swing doors simply can’t. The former can be flexible and elegant as well as space-saving; no wonder architects and designers use these to great effect in their creations. Let’s take a detailed look at what makes these internal sliding doors so special and how they can be used in your modern luxury home:

#1 Flexibility

A contemporary home that has been built on an open-plan suits the modern lifestyle; but there are certain advantages to have the option to effectively separate one area from the other when you want to. You can install limed-oak, floor-to-ceiling internal sliding doors to close/open off your butler’s kitchen. In fact, you can also use these installations to seal off the living, or dining spaces from the rest of your house as and when you please.

#2 Space savers

Whether you opt for doors that slide into recesses in the wall or simply slide or stack on one side, you don’t have to worry about space when you get sliding doors. In fact, they allow you more space for furniture and improve the movement flow in the room. While these installations are great for tight spaces, they work beautifully for larger luxury homes too.

#3 Seamless transition

The alfresco spaces in your home are a value-add to your luxury property. While these areas may be very airy and open, you can easily bring in the same feel to the adjacent indoor living spaces as well. Install internal floor to ceiling glass sliding doors in rooms leading out into patios, balconies, decks, verandas etc. and bring in the beauty of your landscaping into these spaces. Not only does this create a seamless transition in these spaces, but also helps provide a better flow when you are entertaining a large number of guests at your place.

#4 Closet spaces

Most closets open out into bedroom suites that have some informal, comfortable seating in them. Based on the layout of the room, you may be able to integrate large closet sliding doors that are designed to match the styling of the other installations in the room. If these doors aren’t within direct view of the door to your bedroom, you can consider getting these custom-designed in frosted glass or bevelled mirror.

#5 They can let in more natural light

In addition to maintaining the flow, with large glass sliding doors you can easily create division between any two spaces without having to entirely block any one space; this also means the light from one of the areas can filter through to the other in an unrestricted manner without compromising on the privacy of either of the spaces in any way.

Today, sliding door hardware and fittings come in advanced and modernistic designs. They are sleek and strong and able to bear the load of very large glass or wooden panels as well. Aside from this, you can also get recessed fittings that don’t mar the appearance of the room the sliding doors are installed in. Not only does this allow you to make optimal use of the available space, but creates a seamless look too.

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