interior design trends for luxury homes in 2016

Interior Design Trends for Luxury Homes in 2016

Interior design trends for luxury homes tend to ebb and tide. Every New Year brings with it some new concepts and trends, but many older décor and interior styling concepts get a new lease of life and some classic styles and materials never seem to go out of style. They may don a new avatar, but continue to stay strong year after year.

Trends to Follow

Though we are well into 2016, here are some interior design trends for luxury homes in 2016, that you might want to follow in your own home design project:

Customisation and sustainability

This year the focus of all interior design trends is on customisation. Luxury home builders are taking extra care to incorporate the design preferences of their clients, into the projects they undertake. This particular trend is very different from that of previous years, when everyone just blindly followed the latest trends regardless of whether these design concepts matched their requirements and likings or not.

Today, all of that has changed and luxury home owners are asking for designs that are a reflection of their personality. Custom home builders are also now opting to use more environment-friendly and sustainable materials that will add to the aesthetics of their client’s homes.

Luxury Materials

Most luxury interior designers are now consciously moving back to the older trends of using time-proven, classic materials such as artisanal glass items and metals including gold and brass. There is a major comeback of traditional fabrics that have a modernistic touch to them.

Local Products

In Australia and in major cities across the world, people are now focusing on using locally-sourced materials and artisanal products. These are typically individual pieces that have been created by skilled craftspeople that use traditional methods of making artefacts and furniture. Most designers are transitioning to this trend in 2016.

3D Print Technology

This is one more major influence in interior design trends in 2016. Use of 3D print technology allows designers the flexibility to create stunning customised pieces for their clients. It’s possible to use these décor and furniture pieces as focal points in a room.

A touch of whimsy

Designers are making every effort to understand what preferences their individual clients have, and are creating features and elements that are a reflection of their personality. And so, many luxury homes now have practical & superbly decorative rugs, large coffee tables as well as vintage occasional lighting fixtures.

The minimalistic approach

Most interior spaces are now left largely clutter-free with only a few custom-designed, accent pieces positioned at strategic points in different rooms to create drama, but in a more subtle and quiet way. Interior spaces of homes have more free-flowing spaces and these go well very well with the open floor plans that are characteristic of modern day homes.

Though minimalism is the interior design mantra this year, the luxury quotient hasn’t taken a back seat. The scope of home design projects has changed from using over-embellished features, to one that uses unique furniture pieces made using authentic materials. This minimalism is very different from the austere, cold and industrial feel that many luxury homes sported a few years ago.

Technology Complements Classic Design Concepts

Today’s luxury interior designers are pulling out all the stops and ensuring they procure the best materials, the best artisans and are using new technology in tandem with traditional methods and design techniques to create furniture and décor pieces that are unique in every way.

While it’s a good idea to explore all the latest interior design trends, it’s also important that you don’t let these interior design trends dictate to you. Your home is about who you are and how you like to live and what comfort and elegance means to you – you can use information about these trends to help enhance these aspects. For any more information about the latest luxury home design trends and concepts, call us at +61 0414 998 727 or use this online form to contact us today.

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