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Interesting Ideas to Texturise Your Luxury Home with Terrazzo

Terrazzo history is centuries old and dates far back to the Greek and Roman civilizations. However, it came into the limelight in the 1400s when Venetians started using the material in various features and installations. At that time it was introduced into the market as low- cost flooring option and was largely used in outdoor spaces

What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is one of the best ways to utilise scrap materials such as quartz, granite, marble and other granite chips. All these pieces are held together in a concrete or resin base that may or may have some colour pigment added to it to create terrazzo floorings on site. The exposed chips in this base material are then polished meticulously to smoothen the surface.

Highly durable, epoxy-based terrazzo systems are non-porous surfaces, making them perfect for high-traffic spaces such as outdoor surfaces and floorings. The notable design draw is that you can easily introduce to your home visual texture that will last for decades.

The wide variety of chip materials, colours, patterns and sizes used today make terrazzo highly interesting. From vibrantly, brilliant glass bits to sparkling mother-of-pearl chips, you can get the effect you want in your luxury home. The fragments come in various sizes; the smaller ones work best in walls and floorings, while the larger bits are perfect for accent pieces like fountains, coffee tables etc.

Since this material can be hydraulically pressed into tiles, pre-cast or poured on site, there are myriad ways to use it. Here are some ways in which you can incorporate the beauty and elegance of terrazzo in your home:

How to incorporate Terrazzo in your home

#1 Flooring

If you’re just experimenting with terrazzo, its best to try patterns with smaller fragments, chips and muted colours. The smaller chip fragments will create a visually appealing space. Using neutral shades helps open out spaces, but you can always experiment with vibrant-colored bits and chips and then use similar tints in the décor of the room. This material pairs very well with most hardwoods and exposed brickwork finishes.

#2 Feature pieces

Since it is non-porous and long-lasting, it works very well in bathrooms. When combined with ceramic tiles or polished concrete flooring, terrazzo accent walls, bring in just the right amount of visual colour and texture. You can add a very elegant and cheery look to your bathroom by adding terrazzo with larger fragments in combination with solid-coloured flooring. The material can be poured on site which makes it easy to create contoured features and installations.

#3 Kitchen counters and backsplashes

If you have an open kitchen layout and have terrazzo in the living and dining rooms, including the same effect in the kitchen space is a great way to create a seamless look in the space. You can include a terrazzo island countertop in colours that complement your living spaces, creating a charming and sophisticated space. It’s possible to complete this look with a terrazzo kitchen backsplash. You can also use this backsplash to complement pre-laid tile counters or marble countertops to create an arresting focal point in your kitchen.

Aside from this washbasins and bathtubs, staircases and accent pieces like table tops are a great way to create a style statement. Skilled designers and architects can also re-image this material and include it in contemporary-styled, durable seating to suit interior or outdoor living areas with a similar aesthetic.

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