inspired bar styles for custom luxury homes

3 Inspired Bar Styles To Spruce-Up the Look Of Your Custom Luxury Home

Luxury homes are tagged as such for a number of reasons. Not only are they spacious and vast and custom built for the owners, but have amenities, fittings, fixtures and installations that are unique and luxurious too; and this is what lends them their unique character. Most luxury homes have massive entryways, granite or marble bathtubs, natural stone fireplaces and mantles and customised furniture and furnishings.

And when it comes to designing the common living spaces, they also have custom bar installations. Everyone loves to have a well-designed and well-stocked bar in their home and the area surrounding it becomes the prefect setting to entertain guests and relax in the company of friends over a glass of your favourite drink.

Most home owners commission custom bar installations and these features are designed along with the other elements and features on their property. This ensures the design and styling of the bar complements the ambience of the rest of the décor and elements in the home. If you are planning to get a bar added to your home or are upgrading the one that you already have, you may want to consider these inspired bar styles to spruce up your custom luxury home:

#1 Contemporary black & white bar design

Contemporary interior design concepts are generally minimalistic, with clean crisp lines and not too much colour. If you like the idea of contemporary design, you can consider a black and white bar design. The counter itself can be made using a dark wood like African Blackwood or even mahogany would work well in this setting.

You can get the hardwood polished in a black colour and maintain very simple design. The wall cabinet can also be designed to complement the look of the bar counter and you can have stylish chrome bar stools with luxurious black leather seats with white trim.

When you use a black and white combination, you need to be a little careful with the type of lighting you use. It’s best to use yellow or soft lighting rather than white light bulbs; as the latter will make the space look cold and stark. This will help you create a modernistic bar that looks inviting and comfortable as well.

#2 Grecian style wood and marble home bar

This is a formal-styled bar design that would look good in a more traditional styled home that leans on Grecian architecture. If you have wainscot trim on your windows in that room, that can be continued into the bar area and the arches, columns as well as the marble counter top. When you have a more elaborately designed bar, its best to have fewer bar stools; too many stools can make this type of bar look heavy and bulky and can disrupt the balance of the room. Use soft, under counter and floor lighting to offset the heavy look and make the bar space look more welcoming.

#3 Semi-circle or quarter circle leather finish bar

Depending on the layout of the room the bar has to be installed in, you can consider getting a semi-circular or quarter-circle bar installed in your luxury home. These types of bars fit in very snugly into spaces at the base of wide sweeping spiral staircase or circular patio kitchens or some other alfresco spaces.

You can use dark tan or black leather for the bar surfaces excepting the actual counter top, which can be made of granite or marble. You can enhance the solid feel and look by adding some antique brass hardware. Since this combination already has quite a solid and warm look, you can afford to use a certain amount of recessed white lights for this bar.

For any more information about building a luxury home call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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