Most custom luxury homes are expansive and have dedicated spaces for various activities. But there are times when you may not want to allocate an entire room for a specific purpose like reading. However, if you are a book lover and want to have plenty of space to stack your books neatly you need to get appropriate bookshelves designed for your home.

It’s possible to use blank walls and awkward niches and nooks to incorporate customised shelving installations to accommodate your precious books and create mini-libraries in different areas of your home. Take a look at how to add bookshelves in your custom home.

#1 Hallways and staircase landings

There are times when hallways and staircase landings aren’t used as optimally as possible. If you have wide hallways or landings in your home, you can easily get wall-mounted shelves installed here. In fact, you can also add a comfortable recliner or seating features in the landing area to create a comfortable reading space. Get floating shelves with minimal brackets and hardware to create a clean and chic look in these underutilised areas.

#2 Walls adjacent to staircases

You can easily turn the walls adjacent to a staircase into a beautiful library of sorts. The shelves can be aligned to the staircase treads which will make it very easy for you to access your books. The design and materials used in the shelves should complement the staircase feature in order to create a seamless look in that space. The alternative to this design concept is to get niches built into the walls that run parallel to the staircase and use these to build shelves for your book collection. If you have a wide spiral staircase in your home, you can use the space under the staircase to create a reading area with comfortable couches and the right lighting.

#3 Floor-to-ceiling shelf features

If you want to have easy access to your books from the living room spaces, you can easily create an impressive home library along the longest walls in your living room. While you use the length these walls, take full advantage of their height as well. If there are beams running across the ceiling, ensure the design of the shelves is aligned to these beams to maintain design continuity in the room.

You can also create an entire sliding shelves structure that doubles up as a partition wall in between your living and dining areas or alfresco areas. Since this feature will have to bear the weight of so many books, it would have to be made using very sturdy construction and resilient materials and engineered to perfection with heavy duty channels or wheels.

#4 Convert alcoves into reading corners

There are times when your home structure has shallow/ odd-shaped alcoves that don’t seem too functional. These can become the perfect space for inbuilt, or customised bracketed shelves to create a cosy library space. You can use materials and styling that blends in with the rest of the features in that space or use textures and colours that create a contrasting effect in that room. Similarly window corners and niches in your bedroom can be used to build interesting shelving units where you can stack all your books.

As you can see, creativity and ingenuity are all it takes to make optimum use of the different areas in your home to make room for interesting library nooks. For any more information about designing and building a luxury home call us today. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they get the kind of solutions they need.

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