impactful living room ideas for your new luxury home

Impactful Living Room Ideas for Your New Luxury Home

Living rooms are spaces that you and your family members tend to extensively use. Apart from this, this is also where you entertain guests and friends. Your living room is one of the most ‘visible’ rooms in your house and most people that visit your home will end up making their first impressions based on what they see and perceive of this space.

Ensuring that your living room is well-planned and designed & installed well is one way to add to the style and feel of the overall appearance of your home. This is also why a credible and experienced custom luxury home builder will focus on using the best ideas, their creativity, high grade materials and unique features to create an ambience that would be a reflection of your style and good taste.

While they focus on aesthetics, they would also have to focus on the functionality aspect and ensure that the living room is stylish and comfortable too. For most interior designers and architects, living spaces they design for their clients are opportunities for them to test their individuality and design skills.

The perfect design balance

Areas like bathrooms and kitchens are largely more functional rooms and serve a very specific purpose. They need to have space and scope to fit certain features and appliances; and this makes them very different from living room areas. This is exactly what makes it challenging to design and plan these areas.

The idea is to ensure they have the right balance of aesthetics, functionality, style, sophistication, elegance and luxury. It’s important to use the right theme and not blindly follow a trend. When this space is being designed, care has to be taken to ensure that the design concept that’s being used will complement the one being used in other rooms of your home.

While you might like some very contemporary features to be installed in your living room, if the bedrooms and other spaces are designed in a classical or more traditional styling, that can create a disconnect in the flow and feel of the space. When it comes to creating luxurious and stylish living rooms, balancing the features is all-important.

Different living room design concepts

It’s a fact that the manner in which a living room or lounge is decorated and arranged, tends to define what the look of the rest of the house will be. This is why it makes a great deal of sense for custom home builders to work very closely with their clients. This helps them understand what the specific likings and preferences are. They will then do their level best to provide design concepts that fit in perfectly with the requirements of their clients. The different styling options you can choose from are:

  • Classical design never goes out of style. It relies on a more subtle and neutral palette. However, it’s also possible for a classical styled home to have furniture and upholstery that’s more elaborate in design. The focus is always on detailing, balance and proportion.
  • Contemporary-style homes have a very different look. The custom home builders prioritise including aspects such as clean lines and sharp edges, natural light, large windows, less colour, use of materials such as glass and chrome that provide a more minimalistic look. These living rooms have a very naturally sophisticated look and open spaces; this makes it possible to easily accommodate a larger number of guests at one time.
  • Regardless of whether your home is designed on a contemporary or classical theme, most custom home builders also recommend the inclusion of smart technology. After all, that adds to the luxury quotient of a home too.

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