brown hues in custom luxury home

Learn How to Work Brown Hues Into Your Custom Luxury Home

Browns are a very popular decorating choice. They look warm and rich, adding cosiness to larger spaces and drama to more compact ones. Many people like using brown in their décor and interiors and the colour has an earthy, rich quality that’s hard to beat. It’s also very versatile and can complement and uplift the appearance of other hues and shades in a room.

Depending on how it’s incorporated into the space, it can become either the star of the room or a supporting colour, balancing out other brighter and bolder colours. Different shades of light and dark browns can be used in tandem for a single-tone theme – the possibilities are truly endless. Let’s take a look at how to incorporate brown hues into your custom luxury home.

Brown colour fact sheet

  • Brown is essentially a combination of yellow, rose, red, orange with grey or black.
  • The colour is found in various elements in nature such as dry leaves, dirt, bark and animal fur.
  • An excellent way to add browns to a room is by incorporating natural woods or various species.
  • Darker browns look stunning when combined with white.
  • The colour also looks great with pinks, oranges and light blues. It generally doesn’t work very well with purples or royal blues

Effective ways of using brown in your luxury home spaces

  • Combine bright white with a soft mushroom brown. It will add a very light and fluffy feeling to the room and keeps the space looking light and cozy.
  • You can use various shades of brown in the accessories, furniture, and walls. When used creatively and artistically, the entire concept works very well, because the colours all belong to the same family. You can use natural creams to hold the entire theme together.
  • Choose a satin rather than flat finish paints; the former will lend a light glow to the room. Flat brown textured paints can sometimes end up looking very ashy.
  • Darker browns work very well in compact spaces as long as you balance them out with lighter creams and white trims; this helps maintain a very cheery, bright and crisp look in the room.
  • Sometimes, the contrast between the whites and browns can effectively bring out the architecture of a room; it’s a great way to work browns into rooms with high ceilings.
  • As long as a room has plenty of natural light filtering in through glass doors and windows even darker brown shades can look fresh rather than restricted and closed in.
  • Combine light blue furnishing with brown coloured walls. You can add the interest quotient to a theme like this by adding pops of dark pink or coral orange accessories and furnishing.
  • Dark brown cabinetry can look very dated unless it’s done with very crisp and clean lines. Pairing it with white is a good way to break the monotony and it will make the room look modern and warm at the same time.
  • Wood panelling is another way to add brown to a luxury living room and this lends a very modern look to the décor. It’s best not to cover every single wall in panelling or else it will end up looking like a steam room or a sauna.
  • Install the panelling along horizontal lines rather than vertical ones. If you balance the space out with proper light, even dark panelling can look modern and fresh.
  • Pairing panelling with whites and greys in a well-lit or open room can lend a very warm and rich look to the space.
  • Pair woody, rustic features with contemporary & chic finishes like reclaimed wood tables, a leather wingback chair or even large wooden framed mirrors and more. This kind of ambience can be very inviting and warm.

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