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How to Make your Home Look More Expensive

You have a comfortable and tastefully-designed home that has all the necessary amenities too. But you still feel that it lacks the luxury touch that you enjoy when you stay at luxury hotels while on your travels; and wonder what you can do to make your home look more expensive. That can take a bit of effort, but is something you can achieve with some planning and by making careful design choices. Here are a few tips.

A Luxe Entranceway

This is the first thing visitors to your home notice and it’s the last thing they see while they are leaving your home; it makes a lot of sense to add the luxury touch to it. The simple way of doing this is to guide your visitor’s eyes towards a specific centrepiece/niche that will welcome them into the space, and speak or act like an introduction to the rest of the styling in your home:

  • You can start with adding a small, but elaborately-designed entryway table made of wood, shiny lacquer or marble
  • Add some tasteful knick knacks or a pretty lamp or real flower arrangements or even a piece of art or statement mirror above the table
  • A plump chair or two will complete the setting

A Well-Designed Living Room

Good taste can be ingrained as well as acquired. Look at luxury home magazines and understand what the latest trends are. Ensure that your formal and informal living areas are well-appointed, clutter-free and in-sync with the styling of the rest of the house. The things you should focus on are:

  • In furniture, use classic materials like natural wood and comfortable cushions with plush furnishing. Ensure that the couches are large and comfortable without overwhelming the existing space
  • Add thick carpeting and ornate throw rugs
  • Carry the entranceway design concept into these spaces too
  • Add a few pieces of artwork without creating a cluttered look
  • Use custom draperies and other window treatments- pinch-pleated drapery installations add a distinctively luxurious look to a living room. Use materials such as linen, damasks and thin silks and stay away from readymade curtains and standard blinds and drapes

A Lavish Bedroom

An expensive-looking home will always have lavish bedrooms. Add supportive mattresses to the bed & then layer them in with plump, luxurious down pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets (the highest possible thread count within your budget). A down comforter and a plush headboard will make the space look ev

en more luxurious. Make sure that you have matching pillows and bedding and that the curtains complete the look.

Spa Bathroom

Focus on creating a very serene and posh look in the bathroom. If your budget and the space permit it, add a Jacuzzi tub, double sinks and a designer shower head. Fix wall scones to light up the space as well as heated flooring and heated towel racks.

Stunning Lighting

Luxury homes are never dreary and dark and the right kind of lighting can lend an expensive look to your home. Ensure that all the spaces in your home are well-lit with mood lighting, chandeliers, wall scones, side lamps and art lights. Replace all those outdated overhead lights with sculptural and modern light fixtures that complement your décor. Make sure you add dimmers to all the lighting as this allows you to set the right mood depending on when you are entertaining and what the occasion is.

Climate Control

Luxury is not only about having expensive furniture and furnishings. It’s also about creating a comfortable atmosphere and you can do this by adding climate-control systems to your home. This may sound fancy, but it can be as simple as getting a programmable thermostat added to the existing systems – this will ensure that the indoor temperature is optimal at all times.

Other Additions

Today, it’s also possible to get different wireless climate-control systems which you can adjust from anywhere via your smartphone. Motorized shades and remote control blinds are another way of making your home look and feel expensive. Addition of a home gym or a recreation room is one more way of adding the luxury aspect to your home. Above all, ensure that every space in your home is well-organised and well-maintained. This will keep your home looking and feeling luxurious and expensive at all times.

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