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How To Create Outdoor Luxury Spaces On your Property

Fire pits and elaborate fireplaces are no more the only features that define luxury outdoor spaces on residential properties and luxury backyards are now being adorned with everything ranging from bathtubs and spas to dishwashers and movie theatres. Many luxury homes across Australia boast outdoor spaces that have full bars, custom cabinetry, large pizza ovens and even a beer tap and radiant-heat light fixtures.

Most luxury homes have large outdoor areas and homeowners now prefer that these be demarcated into several room-like spaces. While some of these spaces may be open-to-the-air, others may be semi-enclosed or enclosed, climate-controlled areas that have commercial-grade cooling and heating systems, misting and mosquito control installations and more.

About Luxury

Homeowners want to duplicate the features they have indoors, in these outdoor areas and turn them into exotic and luxurious oases where they can relax and entertain in comfort and style. The tropical climate that exists in most parts of the country makes backyard spaces the perfect relaxation zones. Custom luxury home builders have seen in many cases that alfresco spaces can easily rival the costs of the indoor areas of a luxury home.

Weather-Resistant Outdoor Materials and Features

All the materials, hardware and finishes used in these outdoor spaces are specially designed to be weather-resistant. Homeowners are now getting various features installed such as:

  • High end, weather-resistant kitchen appliances such as gas stoves, pizza ovens as well as dishwashers are now being installed in fully-furnished outdoor kitchens.
  • Granite kitchen islands, multiple cooking surfaces, and custom-designed cabinetry lend a unique appeal to these outdoor spaces.
  • Sienna travertine floors and walls clad in textured stone with inbuilt pizza ovens or fireplaces can be added to create the ambience you want.
  • Aside from this, outdoor electronics such as large TVs, surround sound systems are also being added to these spaces. These electronics are specially designed for outdoor use and are able to withstand climatic changes.
  • Specialised outdoor furnishing products have become a norm as has custom-designed outdoor furniture.
  • This demand for outdoor features has also led to the launch of various new options such as social grills that are specifically designed for larger groups when you have outdoor parties.
  • Fussy lighting has made way for functional, yet elegant, sleek and luxurious fixtures that use LED bulbs and have dimmers to create the look and mood you want.
  • Shatterproof outdoor dinnerware is also making an appearance on the market. This is designed to look akin to glazed earthenware.
  • Indoor-outdoor area rugs are designed to look like dyed, woven indoor rugs; the difference is that they are made using a fade-resistant, waterproof material.
  • Some homeowners prefer outdoor spaces with dual functionality and many backyards and gardens are designed to function like normal rooms. These rooms could have a dining room table, a television nook, a lounge space and fire pit or fireplace area as well as various other installations.
  • Lagoon pools and tropical ponds with cascading waterfalls that merge in with the spa and swimming pool feature are another trend that’s here to stay in 2017.
  • Large glass walls are still going strong and most luxury homes have immense sliding/folding doors that divide the indoor and outdoor spaces; when required, these can either be slid open or folded back to merge these spaces into one immense and impressive entertainment zone.

For any more information about building a custom-designed luxury home with luxury outdoor spaces, call us today. We ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained in the work and that you get a custom built luxury home you would love to live in.

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