luxury home on a multi-levelled site

How To Build a Luxury Home on a Multi-levelled Site

When it comes to building a luxury home, there are a number of aspects that prospective owners take into account; and the location is a very important one. In fact, this is one of the first things that are taken into consideration. Having the luxury home of your dreams is about using the kind of architectural elements and features you like that will add the comfort and luxury quotient to your home. But all this needs to sit on the perfect site as well.

An ideal site would be in an upscale locality, away from any hustle and bustle, and will have a certain amount of tree cover and plantings and the right grading. But it isn’t always possible to find the perfect mix of all these aspects and homeowners have to compromise on one front or the other. If you have found all the other factors in place, but on sloping or a multi-levelled site, you might want to work with what you have.

Skilled and experienced builders can actually use this aspect to their advantage and will provide a home plan that uses this topography in a creative and functional manner. There are a number of ways in which this project can be approached. No two sloping sites are alike and the home builder and will have to provide unique and custom designs for your specific site.

Different Multilevel Home Designs

It goes without saying that some portion of the slope will have to be excavated and levelled so as to provide flat land for construction. But it’s possible to create a stunning multi-levelled home on sloping or graded land. The different types of designs that may be used are:

#1 Standard Stepped Plan

In this, the house is built across two levels. It means the garages and gardens can be at the lower level and the main house will be at the upper level. This type of design works best for sites with minor slopes and the multi-levelled structure is almost imperceptible.

#2 Split- Level Plan

This type of a design is ideal for sites with a steeper slope between the two levels and is what makes it different from the first style. This kind of a floor plan provides distinctly different views from each level. If the site is along the coast or even in the interiors, it provides views of the ocean or the surrounding wooded landscape, which can become the USP of this type of home design style. Depending in the size and spread of the site, the home can have 2 or more entry points on different levels.

#3 Multi-Levelled Plan

This particular design and plan is used for sites that are more complex in their layout and suits large expansive luxury homes very well. It will have multiple entry points; and different rooms within the home will be connected via flights of steps. When these features are built subtly and made to blend in with the natural slope of the site, they create a stunning ambience and lend a unique look to the home.

Regardless of the style and plan you choose, the gardens and landscaping can be planned to complement your home’s multi-level design concept. This unique land layout provides opportunities to incorporate terraces and balconies leading out from different rooms. Swimming pools and other alfresco spaces can also be built on split levels to create the luxurious ambience you want on your property. For any more information about building a luxury home on a multileveled site, call us today.

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