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How to Add Your Own Personality to your Home Renovation

When you walk into a home, the first thing that strikes you is about how much it reflects the personality of its inhabitants. All homeowners build/buy their homes with a lot of care. They ensure the layout is going to match their requirements and that the styling of its architecture matches their tastes. When it comes to designing and decorating the home, they take extra care to choose the décor and make sure that all the rooms wear a cohesive look.

But there are times when they feel they want a change in the way the place looks and that’s when they decide to embark on a renovation project. Renovations can sometimes means simple redecorating, replacing the furniture or repainting the walls or altering some structural elements. But in some cases, the home renovation may turn into a full-scale remodelling project. The type of renovation you decide to undertake will be dependent on the reason for the renovation (functional or aesthetic). Check out some tips below on how to add your own personality to your home renovation.

The Right Planning

At times you find that the home does not meet the requirements of your family in terms of space and rooms and you may opt for room additions and extensions too. Once you have decided the scale and scope of the renovation, you will have to identify a contractor or architect who will be able to help you with the work. If you have some ideas of your own, a skilled architect will be able to give form to those ideas. If you feel that a change is required, but are not too sure about what kind of a change you need in your home, the person will be able to brainstorm some ideas with you and understand what you need.

Regardless of whether the idea is yours or not, you always want to be sure that the features or elements you add will be a reflection of your personality. As a matter of fact, this becomes a very important aspect of any renovation project. You want to feel comfortable in your home and that means you want the design concepts, materials and the final finishing matching your preferences and styling.

Value Addition

Renovations add tremendous value to your property, give it new life and make you feel like you have moved into a new home. In fact, that is precisely way many people opt to renovate an existing home versus moving into a new one. Giving your home a new lease of life is an excellent way to continue living in the same neighbourhood, without compromising on space and comfort. There are a number of things you will have to focus on before starting on a renovation project:

  • You should discuss all your ideas with the architect/designer/contractor and ensure they have understood what your requirement is.
  • It’s your home and you may feel like adding some unique touches, but it’s also important to maintain some foresight. Adding extremely quirky features can actually de-value your home- so abstain from adding that pink quartz wall cladding in the kitchen or mosaic tiles to the bedroom floor. If you plan on selling your home in the future, the existence of such features can deter home buyers from buying your home.
  • The one way to overcome this problem is to create the kind of look you want, with the overall structure of the home, but don’t add extremely outlandish features and elements to the space. You can still have your personal taste shine through by decorating the place with the kind of furniture you like, using furnishing and decor as well as wall paint and finishes that match your style.

Stay True to Your Style

That is the one way of having the best of both worlds. Do not detract from your personal style and requirement, but don’t lose track of value addition either. As you can see, it’s not really necessary to give up your personal styling while you are renovating your home. Just be a little moderate and you will find that you will have a unique and outstanding space that reflects your personality and one that you will love to live in.

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