how textured walls add to the luxury quotient of your home

How Textured Walls Add to the Luxury Quotient of Your Home

A custom luxury home isn’t just about luxurious, unique and artistic fittings, furniture or even the latest technology. While all these aspects are vital, there are some very simple things that go into adding the luxury quotient to your home. The walls of your home cover large expanses of it and are a very important aspect of the overall ambience of your home.

In fact, they become the backdrop for most of the elements in the indoor and the alfresco spaces of your property. And so, it goes without saying that you should focus on the way these features look.

Materials used in custom-designed textured walls

Today, there are a number of paint finishes that can be used to spruce-up the look of your walls; however the one way to add a really unique touch to the walls is to add textured finishes and plasters.

This creates a stunning appearance, adds depth to the rooms and a very distinctive and luxurious look to your custom luxury home. There are a number of ways in which your wall spaces can be optimised and customised, such as:

Drywall plaster/ Textured Stucco

This is a type of plaster that has sand as one of its components; that’s what gives it a sandy texture. Typically, drywall plaster is very smooth and is suitable for regular paint finishes. However stucco can be applied in a number of ways ranging from cross-hatching, vertical/horizontal lines or even knife/trowel/circular designs.

If you like, these designs can be customised to your liking to complement the appearance of some other features in your home. The sky is the limit when it comes to customisation and the designs could be abstract, of flowers, trees, and people or just about anything else you want.

Wood & stone

Today, many luxury homes feature elements made of reclaimed wood. The other natural material that’s widely used in luxury home interior design is natural stone; you can choose to use a combination of both these materials as well. Depending on how they are used, they can look warm, rustic, relaxing and earthy. When you are using stone, there are a number of options such as rough stone, cut stone, round-edged river rock or smooth grey slate as well.

While some of these stones are available in slab form, the rest of them may be only small or medium-sized pebbles. We can use a variety of pebbles of different colours and shades to create designs, by embedding them in the walls. When there are rock and stone colours ranging from reds, black, greys and whites as well as yellow and brown etc., it’s possible to create textured walls that look exotic and luxurious.


These are available in such a wide variety that consumers are spoilt for choice. In addition to the locally-made ones, you can opt for Swedish, Mexican, Turkish and Asian tiles. In fact, most luxury home builders use custom-designed tiles for their client’s projects. Kitchens and bathrooms are the standard areas where tiles are used; however, it’s possible to create a dramatic effect with tiles of different types in spaces like fireplace walls and mantles, accent walls, outdoor in-built seating areas and more.

It’s also possible to get custom brick installations and wall textures made with glass and metal. The latter create a stunning effect in custom designed luxury homes that are built on modern styling. When we design and build homes for our clients, our architects and designers use their creativity and skill to create striking and appealing textured walls in your home. For any more information about our custom-designed luxury home building services, call us today.

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